Boronia Hawks Netballers in Team of the Year Squad!

Congratulations to Rhiannon Crompton and Kellie Newton from Boronia Hawks who have been named in the initial squad for the EFL’s Premier Division Netball Team of the Year!

Rhiannon Crompton
Kellie Newton

Grand finalists Wantirna South and East Burwood lead the way with four nominees named each. The final team will be announced at the Chandler Medal on Wednesday, September 18.

See the full squad by clicking on this link.

Team Selections for 28th & 29th June

EFL Netball: Boronia Brown v Knox Red at 6.30pm FRIDAY at HE Parker Court 2 – presented by G.J. Gardner Homes Australia

Alex McKaige, Courtney Krenn, Alisha Clark, Eliza Stafford, Tessa Evans, Lizzie Akesson, Ebony Williams and Sam Mellis.

Boronia Hawks have a bye in Premier Division.

Boronia Hawks Senior Women’s Squad v Blackburn at 8:20am Saturday at Tormore Reserve – presented by Boronia Dentist

40 J. Bortoli 15 K. Buzinskas 17 D. Caiafa 2 A. Cellante 37 S. Coates 24 R. Crompton 4 T. Doran 29 T. Evans 14 S. Faull 42 B. Forrer-Lacey 5 B. Kinniff 6 P. Lacey 28 D. Langford 26 K. Little 18 Y. Mau 11 K. McMahon 20 S. Mellis 22 D. Millott 32 E. Nicholas 7 A. Penny 16 S. Peril 35 S. Ponton 8 D. Thomas 55 C. Timms 38 C. Wright.

Boronia Hawks Under 19’s Squad v East Burwood at 10.10am Saturday at Tormore Reserve – presented by Glenbrae Signs

3 B. Aughterson 14 J. Gardiner-Hoffman 33 M. Cavicchia 1 L. Flanagan 10 N. Smith 16 W. Morrison L. McKinnon 18 J. Delrayne 2 R. Williams 12 T. Mellis 22 H. Morris 17 C. Ng 26 M. Green 8 J. Rule 24 L. Wright 28 L. Pickard 5 H. Fewson 31 Z. Prizmic 3 L. Armstrong 19 H. Coles 30 J. O’Neill 9 J. Price 29 H. Rouse C Westcott

Boronia Hawks Development Squad v Ringwood at 12:20pm Saturday at Tormore Reserve – presented by Dyson Currie Pty Ltd

76 K. Notley 28 J. Rambaldo 56 R. Kennedy 9 J. Granland 71 P. Kinniff 74 Z. Brasher 44 B. Bishop 41 K. Milde 3 N. Allen 73 R. Migues 8 J. Neville 33 J. Mason 4 B. Castersen 51 Z. Dower 18 T. Dodd 42 S. Yule 78 S. Bramstedt 64 D. Dower 35 H. Betts 88 D. Collins 49 M. Goldsack 10 C. McDonald 50 J. Mueller 58 J. Purdon

Boronia Hawks Senior Men’s Squad v Ringwood at 2:20pm Saturday at Tormore Reserve – presented by Ferntree Gully Nissan

19 B. McAlpine 7 C. Burgess 13 J. Mellis 5 S. Bell 38 F. Duke 29 J. Godwin 15 H. Chinn 12 D. Fairchild 24 J. Hare 21 N. Hare 39 Z. Robinson 42 B. Rapisarda 8 J. Hannon 2 L. Hannon 11 J. Lake 47 T. Steele 37 R. White 16 M. Buzinskas 22 M. Geraghty 27 L. Leeson 6 M. Storr 40 B. Wright

Senior Debut: Congratulations to Mason Storr.


Team Selections for 17th to 19th of May 2019

Boronia Hawks Netball Squad v Wantirna South Devils 8.35pm at Knox Regional Court 1 – presented by G.J. Gardner Homes Australia
Carla Alexander; Madison Barrie; Mandy Bell; Rhiannon Crompton; Ally Forrest; Bec Mills.

Boronia Brown VS Scoresby Soarers 8.35pm at Oxley Court 3 – presented by G.J. Gardner Homes Australia
Alisha Clark; Tessa Evans; Dani Kemp; Courtney Krenn; Bree Martin; Alex McKaige; Chloe Timms; Belinda Torney; Ebony Williams.

Boronia Hawks Senior Women’s Squad v The Basin at 8:40am Saturday at Tormore Reserve – presented by Choices Flooring

40 J. Bortoli 1 J. Buzinskas 15 K. Buzinskas 17 D. Caiafa 2 A. Cellante 37 S. Coates 23 A. Davidson 4 T. Doran 29 T. Evans 14 S. Faull 12 C. Fay 9 J. Lacey 6 P. Lacey 26 K. Little 18 Y. Mau 30 A. McKaige 20 S. Mellis 22 D. Millott 32 E. Nicholas 16 S. Peril 39 J. Phillips 36 S. Ponton 8 D. Thomas 55 C. Timms 38 C. Wright.

Boronia Hawks Under 19’s Squad v Mitcham at 10:30am at Tormore Reserve – presented by Fletchers Mooroolbark

3 B. Aughterson 7 L. Parkins 12 T. Mellis 1 L. Flanagan 16 W. Morrison 9 J. Price 2 R. Williams 21 N. Hare 24 L. Wright 18 J. Delrayne 6 M. Storr 10 N. Smith 26 M. Green 30 J. O’Neill 31 Z. Prizmic 28 L. Pickard 8 J. Rule
5 H. Fewson 4 M. Cavicchia 29 H. Rouse

Boronia Hawks Development Squad v Mitcham at 12:35pm at Tormore Reserve – presented by Profinish Roof Plumbing

72 H. Betts 40 B. Wright 74 Z. Brasher 5 S. Bell 36 J. Rutherford 9 J. Granland 44 B. Bishop 22 M. Geraghty 41 K. Milde 58 J. Purdon 18 L. Hare 28 J. Rambaldo 64 D. Dower 49 M. Goldsack 56 R. Kennedy 48 J. Lech 50 J. Mueller 68 C. Dunster 3 N. Allen 27 L. Leeson

Boronia Hawks Senior Men’s Squad v Mitcham at 2:40pm at Tormore Reserve – presented by G.J. Gardner Homes Australia

14 J. Bolton 11 J. Lake 19 B. McAlpine 29 J. Godwin 23 J. Collins 62 J. Mellis 15 H. Chinn 35 B. Bowes 24 J. Hare 8 J. Hannon 52 B. Robertson 59 L. Watson 42 B. Rapisarda 39 Z. Robinson 37 R. White 12 D. Fairchild 34 J. Millen 47 T. Steele 32 N. Watson 1 R. Henderson
17 L. McKernan 16 M. Buzinskas.

Boronia Hawks Veterans Squad v Forest Hill at 2:30pm SUNDAY at Forest Hill – presented by GK Travel & Cruise

Jon Bam, Alts, Simon, Nuggett, Bruce, Stiff, Leeroy, Cookie, Brent, Adam R, Macca, Nick, Dave V, Hollywood, Woody, Stick, Matt J., Macey, Stevo, Tim V, Cranny, Chris Joy, Mark, Simo Fischer, Geoff Bell, Dan the Man.

By the way: Dave V is none other than 2000 Premiership hero and League B&F Dave Van Hoorn!

Friday Night Netball with Boronia Hawks

Boronia Hawks is a great place to come and play EFL Netball.  We would love to hear from any new players who are looking for a team, or just want to find out a bit more.

Please contact our Netball Manager, Sherridan at or fill out the contact form so we can get in touch with you.


Netball 2019 EOI

Netball Match Report: Preliminary Final Boronia Hawks v Lilydale Falcons

And that’s a wrap for Boronia Hawk’s Premier Division season 2018, losing to Lilydale and ending our Grand Final hopes 51-66.  Lilydale out played us.  They shot with accuracy and rarely lost a ball in their possession.  Although Hawks had some great game play, we just didn’t have what it takes to win tonight.

Hawks had a great season in Premier Division finishing 4th out of 10 teams.  After coming up from Division 1 the team should be very happy with their efforts.  We often had a different team each week with 18 players taking the court for us this season.  While it’s great to have so many players represent Boronia, next year we hope to have a smaller, more united side who play the whole season as a tight unit and take it all the way to the grand final. I truly believe there are bigger and better things to come from this team.

Bad luck ladies. It’s never fun to lose and miss out on the grand final, especially after such a great season.  I do hope you all enjoyed what really was a great season of netball with a lovely group of ladies.  Coaching and managing you has been really enjoyable and I truly thank you all for supporting me.  Coaching is so much harder (and stressful) than playing, but it’s been really nice to stay involved and watch you all play some great netball.  You are such a lovely bunch of talented, kind and friendly girls, your support for each other has been fantastic.  Every time a new player came in, you made them feel instantly part of the team. You all played a hard, competitive and clean season of netball and represented our club with class.  Bumma we don’t get our GF!  You deserve it after this season, but as you all know: that netball!  You win it, you lose it, but we love it!!!

Katie Harper




Netball Match Reports: Finals!

BORONIA HAWKS Semi Final v Fair Park Yellow
It was always going to be a tough game going up against Premier Division’s most dominant team of the year: Fairpark Yellow.  To Hawks’ credit, they went into the semi final with a great attitude and a desire to win.  We held our own in the first quarter and kept things close in the first half.  The second half saw Fair Park take control to take the win 56-37.
I could mention every player for a game well played.   Everyone really did step up and push hard, we had a lot of positive channels of play.  However I’m going to keep things shorts and mention just a couple.  Our defence end was extremely strong, making Fair Park work hard for every goal.  Natalie Craven was a stand out performer for Hawks in GK.  The defensive pressure from Nat and Madison was fantastic.  They worked so well together to win Hawks countless turnovers.
Another special mention to Emily Barrie who played WD and GA.  Emily is always a hard working, reliable player, who never gives up no matter what her position.

The loss sends Hawks to the Preliminary Finals on Friday night: Boronia Hawks v Lilydale Falcons.  I have total faith that Hawks will take the win and we will have our Grand Final opportunity!  7:00pm at Fairhills Court 1.

BORONIA BROWN Preliminary Final v Glen Waverley Hawks

Unfortunately after a loss on Friday night the season for our Boronia Brown girls has come to an end.

The game was close from the beginning and extremely intense. With an injury in the second quarter to our star C Lauren Bevan this left no bench for Boronia Brown.  Sherridan Martin pulled out her strength for pushing through an injury herself so we were able to have a team of 7 on the court left to battle for the remainder of the game.


We were ahead by a few goals many times during the game but unfortunately we were unable to finish the game ahead, going down by 2 in the end.  Chelsea Dynan played her best game all season being put into WA for the second half, not her usual WD she has worked towards all season.  Every single player fought their hardest, in what was again a physical game we pushed ourselves and can finish the season feeling proud.

Our defence was strong and hard to beat, a rotation of goalers was required from the opposition to try and beat the height, strength and length of Alex and Courtney’s arms in rebounds.  An incredible performance from both Caitlin Yann and Dani Kemp in GA and GS, goals on target and movement in the circle was unfaultable.


Chelsea and Mollie in the attacking end as midcourt worked well together especially after not playing together in these positions all season.  There was only one collision of the two during the game which was captured on camera as a delightful (and embarrassing) action shot!


We wish Lauren the best in recovering from her ankle injury and cannot wait to celebrate a very hard but well fought season for our Boronia Brown girls.  #getaroundthebrown


Team Selections for Friday 10th to Sunday 12th August

Netball Squads for Friday Night – presented by Knox Club.

Good luck to Gold and Brown for their SEMI FINALS!

BORONIA HAWKS Squad for Round 15 v Scoresby Swoopers at Oxley College at 7:00pm. Carla Alexander, Emily Barrie, Madison Barrie, Mandy Bell, Natalie Craven, Ally Forrest, Mel Hutton, Ellie Ingwersen, Sharmini Philp, Julia Rush, Amy Hazard.

BORONIA GOLD Squad for Semi Final v Mulgrave Red at Fairhills High at 6:45pm. Squad: Casey Hahn, Sarah Grigg,
Inga Baselier, Dani Webb, Chanelle Barnard, Janae Griffin, Jessica Hall, Stacey Shillingford, Ti Parker.

BORONIA BROWN Squad for Semi Final v Upper FTG at Knox Regional at 8.35pm. Lauren Bevan, Chelsea Dynan, Dani Kemp, Courtney Krenn, Sherridan Martin, Alex McKaige, Mollie McMahon, Caitlin Yann.

U19’s Squad for Round 17 v Chirnside Park at 10:00am at Tormore Reserve – presented by

13 B. Anderson 3 B. Aughterson 22 J. Baker 4 B. Campbell 28 C. De Boer 1 F. Duke 27 H. Emslie 5 H. Fewson 29 L. Fletcher 14 J. Gardiner-Hoffman 7 T. Griffiths 10 J. Lech 19 J. McDonald 9 J. Mellis 12 T. Mellis 16 W. Morrison 26 J. Mueller 76 K. Notley 17 J. O’Neill 21 L. Slater 30 L. Sturdy 2 R. Williams 35 L. Wright.

Development Squad to play Chirnside Park at 12:05pm at Tormore Reserve – presented by DYSON CURRIE TIMBER WHOLESALERS

3 N. Allen 74 Z. Brasher 60 M. Bruce 70 N. Carrodus 4 B. Castersen 61 J. Collins 80 T. Dower 26 S. Goldsack 21 N. Heuston 32 L. Johnson 10 C. McDonald 73 R. Migues 41 K. Milde 33 R. Miller 35 C. Murrihy 30 J. Paterson 58 J. Purdon 28 J. Rambaldo 31 D. Romano 15 D. Ruff 67 M. Smith 75 J. Stamatakos 25 N. Stamatakos 24 R. Warren.

Seniors Squad to play Chirnside Park at 2:10pm at Tormore Reserve – presented by ALLSTATE REFRIGERATION SERVICES

5 S. Bell 14 J. Bolton 7 C. Burgess 45 H. Burgess 16 M. Buzinskas 15 H. Chinn 23 J. Collins 64 D. Dower 12 D. Fairchild 29 J. Godwin 2 L. Hannon 1 R. Henderson 11 J. Lake 19 B. McAlpine 17 L. McKernan 6 A. Phillips 42 B. Rapisarda 52 B. Robertson 39 Z. Robinson-Summerfield 36 J. Rutherford 47 T. Steele 37 R. White.

Women’s Squad to play Thornton-Eildon at 12:30pm SUNDAY at Tormore Reserve – presented by @Knox Leisureworks YMCA

1 Jess Buzinskas, 3 Bec Allen, 4 Briar Forrer-Lacey, 5 Brynie Kinniff, 6 Phoebe Lacey, 7 Alix Penny, 8 Demi Thomas, 9 Jasmine Lacey, 10 Darcy Langford, 11 Candyce Wright, 12 Erin Stanios, 13, Stacey Ponton, 14 Tegan Doran, 15 Kat Buzinskas, 16 Stacey Peril, 17 Dee Caiafa, 18 Lina Kabris, 19 Courtney Storen, 20 Sam Mellis, 22 Chloe Timms, 23 Amanda Davidson, 24 Rhiannon Smith, 25 Karen Little, 26 Erin Nicholas.

Veterans Squad to play Eltham at 2:30pm on Sunday at Tormore Reserve – presented by GK Travel & Cruise

70 C. Aaltonen 6 S. Beaton 88 L. Burnett 86 S. Butler 41 M. Chawulak C. Cincotta 3 M. Clinton 24 L. Cook J. Cranfield 52 B. Dahan 11 J. Davis M. Dyson 10 D. Fitzgerald 17 G. Hall 46 D. Hansby 35 M. James 36 S. Kavanagh 21 C. Krenn 25 G. Krenn 94 S. Lehman 26 S. Little 68 B. Notley 28 S. O’Reilly 43 C. Reid 42 M. Ryan 50 B. Stewart 4 T. Vining 27 R. Weisz 13 B. Wiesner R. Witte 34 K. Wood 18 A. Wright.


Netball Match Reports: Three Wins!

HAWKS: Boronia Hawks 43 def Blackburn Red 39 (Emily Barrie 31, Mandy Bell 12)
It’s fair to say we went into tonight’s game a little weary and expecting the worst. Six of our usual players and fill ins were unavailable, leaving us short.
Lucky for us Sarah was able to fill in giving us a full team with no subs.

I’d say it was a fairly even and competitive game tonight against Blackburn.  We managed to get a pretty good lead by half time, our biggest margin being 10 goals.  Our third quarter was less dominant and Blackburn snuck up on us to bring the score back to even. At one stage they even managed to get a 2 goal lead.
Our defence end was on fire tonight. I can not praise Madison Barrie enough for her fantastic efforts, she was definitely a stand out performer for us.  Her hard work and pressure ultimately won us the game.  The combination of Madison and Sarah Alexander in defence was fantastic tonight, both girls put constant pressure on the Blackburn goalers and got countless turnovers. T onight was the first time these girls have played together, but they looked like seasoned experts in the ring.  Even the coach from the opposition had praise for our defence end! Well done girls.

Mandy and Emily were also a great combination for us in goals.  Emily Barrie is always a reliable and constantly good player but tonight she stepped it up even more.  Emily had no intentions of letting us lose, her aggressive and competitive side came out and she played some of her best netball for the season scoring 31 out of the 43 goals.  Mandy Bell (normally in the defence end) showed her versatility in GA.  Mandy is super athletic and is a player we can play anywhere and know she will always preform at her best.  Ellie Ingwersen’s passing into the ring was fantastic, as were her drives down the court.  Ellie manages to settle the play at times when we get a little rushed.  She’s very good at seeing a sneaky pass into a goalers in the ring.  Ally Victoria’s fitness never lets us down, running 3/4 of the game in centre and Carla Alexander was a great support for the defence end.
It’s hard to choose my best tonight as everyone really had to step up and play their best netball and everyone deserves a mention, however Madison totally killed it tonight, great game Mads!   We fought hard all the way to the end and took the win 43-39.  1 hour games with no fresh legs at Premier League level is hard work and it was a late game, not finishing until 10:30pm. It was a great game to watch, you girls had me on the edge of my seat. Happy to see you take the win, proving we are a top performing Premier League team.   Let’s beat Scoresby Swoopers next week to finish the season 3rd.

GOLD:  Boronia Gold 40 def Ringwood Black 22 (Jess Hall 23, Sarah Grigg 15, Casey Hahn 2).

This week we celebrated Casey Hahn’s 60th game with Boronia. Congratulations Casey on such an achievement.

We went into this weeks game thinking it would be a harder game than we’ve had and the first quarter definitely reflected that with us only up by 2 goals.
Second quarter showed a very different game with Janae, Inga and Ti dominating in defence with Ringwood only managing 2 goals.  We took the lead by 9.  
In the last 1/2 Ringwood only scored 5 goals a quarter to our 10.  Great shooting again by Jess and Sarah.  Our whole team is playing so well together, bring on finals!

BROWN: Boronia Brown 31 def Belgrave South 11 (Dani Kemp 25, Sherridan Martin 6)

Going into the last round of the season before finals, sitting on top of the ladder and we took on the bottom of the ladder Belgrave South.  We had 6 of our original team with one fill in, so no bench or coach!

It wasn’t the most skilful of games but it certainly gave our legs a good run, with Dani’s shooting accuracy giving us a healthy 10-15 point lead and us maintaining that during the game, it left us room to move with a few sloppy plays and give the mid court a bit of a rest!  It was nice to play a clean, fair game, with Belgrave South not playing in normal positions, and giving us a chance play a few of our game plans.  With Alex’s go go gadget arms, Chelsea’s fierce attack on the ball and Loz and Jess’ running, it made it easy for us to get the ball down and feed some long lobs across to Dani.  A huge thank you to Jess for trekking to Dandenong on a Friday night to fill in – we will see you for 2019 registration!!  Now it’s on to our finals campaign, firstly taking on Upper Gully on Friday night who are currently sitting second.

Netball Match Reports for Round 13

Boronia HAWKS v Norwood Black

I’m going to be a harsh coach and say that this week we did not play our cleanest netball.  We were driving long and behind and had way too many unforced errors; we were working harder in attack to get the ball to goals than usual. 

At half time I gave the girls a brutally honest ‘kick up the butt’ and told them to pick up their game; which they did.  

Our defence end were our savours this week.  Kasey Lee came to our rescue to fill in last minute and had an absolutely fantastic game in WD. Nat Craven and Madison Barrie were a great combination in defence against very physical goalers. Kasey, Nat and Maddy all played ripper games this week, gaining many turn overs for Hawks.  A much better second half saw us take a convincing win 60-38, but maybe we should have won by more given Norwood are sitting bottom of the ladder.  2 games to go! 

Boronia Hawks 60 d Norwood Black 38  Goals:  J.Rush 44, M. Hutton 10, S. Philp 6, E. Ingwersen, C. Alexander, E. Barrie, M. Barrie, A. Forrest, N. Craven.

Boronia GOLD v Scoresby Soarers

I thought last week was a good win but this week was even better.  Scoresby was strong in the first 1/4 and it was goal for goal.  We were in front by a couple of goals at the end of the quarter and I thought it was going to be a fight to stay in front.  We made a couple of changes and it just worked.  Defence was tight and made it hard work for their goalers as they often only had one goaler in the ring.  In the last half Sarah was on fire in goals, making great position and hardly missing a shot with 25 goals.

Everyone played an awesome game.  Well done again!

Boronia Gold 57 d Scoresby Soarers 29  Goals: S. Grigg 25, J. Hall 24, C. Hahn 6, C. Barnard 2,  D. Reynolds, I. Baselier, T. Parker, J. Griffin, S. Shillingford.

Boronia BROWN v FTG White

A feisty and tough game for the Boronia Brown girls this week. This season we have come up against some strong and more physical teams, but this week was unlike any other.  What we demonstrated was not only our strength on the court, but our mental strength and maturity. From the start of the game we fought hard to keep the scores as level as possible.

Courtney and Alex in defence held each other up during the game, literally speaking.  Not only are Alex’s arms long, but when her full body weight is being held up by Courtney to allow her reach even longer, this makes an unbeatable force!  A huge thank you to Naomi for filling in, her young legs were able to hold through the C for us whilst Lauren was away for the week.

Mollie, Sherridan and Amanda worked hard around the circles and bringing the ball down the court.  With control, strength and good choices of play they did not need to tire themselves out by trying to play rushed as the opposition.  Caitlin and Dani were very accurate and excelled under pressure, a confident goaler is key to success in the season and more importantly leading into finals.

In the last few minutes of the game we were down by 1 goal.  With 1 and a half minutes to go, we won a turnover which resulted in a goal to make us even.  Luckily after this goal it was then our centre pass to have us in the lead. In this time of nerves and pressure we were able to be calm, centred and take our time to ensure this centre pass resulted in us being in the lead. We scored the goal with no problems.  This left 30-40 seconds on the scoreboard with a Ferntree Gully centre.  A moment of calmness hit Mollie (WA) who turns to Caitlin (GA) and says ‘you know what, after this whole game I would actually be happy with draw’. But boy was she wrong.

Our hands on and screening pressure became too much for the GS on the opposition.  The win by 1 point as the GS missed the goal in the final remaining seconds and for Alex to have the rebound was so much sweeter than any draw could ever be.  Amazing game by the Boronia Brown team, a great reminder of sportsmanship, determination, and overall joy for the game. #getaroundthebrown

Boronia Brown 25 d Ferntree Gully White 24 Goals:  D. Kemp 16, C. Yann 9, A. Cellante, S. Martin, A. McKaige, M. McMahon, C. Krenn.