Veterans Best & Fairest Awards

Congratulations to all those who have been voted Best and Fairest for our Veterans team. Since 2019 the winner has been awarded the Krenn Brothers Medal to celebrate the enormous contributions of Colin and Greg Krenn, mainstays of the Vets and both Life Members of Boronia.

Colin “Stick” Krenn and Greg “Hollywood” Krenn.
YearBest & Fairest
2023Kristan Wood
2022Owen Millwood
2021Steve O'Reilly & Shane Jones
2019Kristan Wood
2018Steve O'Reilly
2017Steve O'Reilly
2016Steve O'Reilly
2015Adam Whitten
2014Casey Bridges
2013Mick Thompson
2012Johnny Drummie
2011Johnny Drummie
2009Brett Rattray
2008Peter Bennett
2007Jeremy Bourke
2006Tim Edwards
2005Ray Lacey

EFNL Veterans Best & Fairest Winners

  • 2007 Tim Edwards
  • 2013 Matt Rule