Team Selections for Friday 10th to Sunday 12th August

Netball Squads for Friday Night – presented by Knox Club.

Good luck to Gold and Brown for their SEMI FINALS!

BORONIA HAWKS Squad for Round 15 v Scoresby Swoopers at Oxley College at 7:00pm. Carla Alexander, Emily Barrie, Madison Barrie, Mandy Bell, Natalie Craven, Ally Forrest, Mel Hutton, Ellie Ingwersen, Sharmini Philp, Julia Rush, Amy Hazard.

BORONIA GOLD Squad for Semi Final v Mulgrave Red at Fairhills High at 6:45pm. Squad: Casey Hahn, Sarah Grigg,
Inga Baselier, Dani Webb, Chanelle Barnard, Janae Griffin, Jessica Hall, Stacey Shillingford, Ti Parker.

BORONIA BROWN Squad for Semi Final v Upper FTG at Knox Regional at 8.35pm. Lauren Bevan, Chelsea Dynan, Dani Kemp, Courtney Krenn, Sherridan Martin, Alex McKaige, Mollie McMahon, Caitlin Yann.

U19’s Squad for Round 17 v Chirnside Park at 10:00am at Tormore Reserve – presented by

13 B. Anderson 3 B. Aughterson 22 J. Baker 4 B. Campbell 28 C. De Boer 1 F. Duke 27 H. Emslie 5 H. Fewson 29 L. Fletcher 14 J. Gardiner-Hoffman 7 T. Griffiths 10 J. Lech 19 J. McDonald 9 J. Mellis 12 T. Mellis 16 W. Morrison 26 J. Mueller 76 K. Notley 17 J. O’Neill 21 L. Slater 30 L. Sturdy 2 R. Williams 35 L. Wright.

Development Squad to play Chirnside Park at 12:05pm at Tormore Reserve – presented by DYSON CURRIE TIMBER WHOLESALERS

3 N. Allen 74 Z. Brasher 60 M. Bruce 70 N. Carrodus 4 B. Castersen 61 J. Collins 80 T. Dower 26 S. Goldsack 21 N. Heuston 32 L. Johnson 10 C. McDonald 73 R. Migues 41 K. Milde 33 R. Miller 35 C. Murrihy 30 J. Paterson 58 J. Purdon 28 J. Rambaldo 31 D. Romano 15 D. Ruff 67 M. Smith 75 J. Stamatakos 25 N. Stamatakos 24 R. Warren.

Seniors Squad to play Chirnside Park at 2:10pm at Tormore Reserve – presented by ALLSTATE REFRIGERATION SERVICES

5 S. Bell 14 J. Bolton 7 C. Burgess 45 H. Burgess 16 M. Buzinskas 15 H. Chinn 23 J. Collins 64 D. Dower 12 D. Fairchild 29 J. Godwin 2 L. Hannon 1 R. Henderson 11 J. Lake 19 B. McAlpine 17 L. McKernan 6 A. Phillips 42 B. Rapisarda 52 B. Robertson 39 Z. Robinson-Summerfield 36 J. Rutherford 47 T. Steele 37 R. White.

Women’s Squad to play Thornton-Eildon at 12:30pm SUNDAY at Tormore Reserve – presented by @Knox Leisureworks YMCA

1 Jess Buzinskas, 3 Bec Allen, 4 Briar Forrer-Lacey, 5 Brynie Kinniff, 6 Phoebe Lacey, 7 Alix Penny, 8 Demi Thomas, 9 Jasmine Lacey, 10 Darcy Langford, 11 Candyce Wright, 12 Erin Stanios, 13, Stacey Ponton, 14 Tegan Doran, 15 Kat Buzinskas, 16 Stacey Peril, 17 Dee Caiafa, 18 Lina Kabris, 19 Courtney Storen, 20 Sam Mellis, 22 Chloe Timms, 23 Amanda Davidson, 24 Rhiannon Smith, 25 Karen Little, 26 Erin Nicholas.

Veterans Squad to play Eltham at 2:30pm on Sunday at Tormore Reserve – presented by GK Travel & Cruise

70 C. Aaltonen 6 S. Beaton 88 L. Burnett 86 S. Butler 41 M. Chawulak C. Cincotta 3 M. Clinton 24 L. Cook J. Cranfield 52 B. Dahan 11 J. Davis M. Dyson 10 D. Fitzgerald 17 G. Hall 46 D. Hansby 35 M. James 36 S. Kavanagh 21 C. Krenn 25 G. Krenn 94 S. Lehman 26 S. Little 68 B. Notley 28 S. O’Reilly 43 C. Reid 42 M. Ryan 50 B. Stewart 4 T. Vining 27 R. Weisz 13 B. Wiesner R. Witte 34 K. Wood 18 A. Wright.


U19’s Match Report: Boronia v Warrandyte

Round 16 saw us venture out to Warrandyte on a cool, but clear morning – perfect conditions for footy!  The group was clear about the task at hand and were prepared for a strong hit out.  We got off to a slow start with Warrandyte’s midfield getting the early upper hand.  They managed to get the first few scores on the board, but lucky for us, they didn’t convert after four attempts.  We worked hard and Ben Anderson did a mountain of work as the ruckman to support deep in defence.  After struggling to effectively move the ball forward, we started to find some run and hit the scoreboard with our first major.  The key forwards, led by Fletcher Duke, Will Morrison, Luke Slater and Josh Baker, looked dangerous and we just needed to find a way to win the ball through the middle so we could utilise them more.  We managed to add a couple of more late goals and at quarter time, the margin was 17 points in our favour.

The message at quarter time was to tighten up our defensive game and to take control of the tempo and ball use.  Unfortunately, we started to get ahead of ourselves and Warrandyte began to show us up in all those areas.  Both sides put on two more goals for the quarter, although the opposition certainly looked like they could have narrowed the gap more with their forward 50 entries.  We began to lack our natural discipline, as we started complaining about factors other than our performance.  Half time saw the margin remain similar to quarter time as it stood at 18 points.

Some firm and clear words were provided at half time to assist us to reflect and change our approach.  The third quarter started with Warrandyte once again coming out on fire, booting two early goals and bringing the margin back to under 10 points.  Without panic, we made a few positional changes to establish more balance and pegged back those goals.  However, the opposition were certainly impressive and reduced the margin at 3 quarter time to 14 points.

Coming home with a slight breeze meant that we had to utilise the advantage to expand the lead, rather than simply trying to defend the 14 point advantage.  We found more balance throughout the middle with Jack, Will and Junior all exerting their dominance.  Add to that the run from Ryan and Cambo on the wing, plus Harry and Jake, and we now had a more free flowing game.  Warrandyte ran out of legs and we managed to expand our lead.  Whilst not our best performance, we got the job done by 44 points and will use this wake up call to take on an in form Chirnside Park.

U19’s Scoreboard – presented by Lipari Pizza and TJ’s on Main

Boronia 12.12 84 d Warrandyte 5.10 40
Goals: T. Dower 4, J. Baker 4, J Lech 2, W. Morrison 2.
Best Players: J. Mellis, F. Duke, J. Baker, B. Anderson, R. Williams, T. Dower.


Round 15 Under 19’s Match Report: Boronia v FTG

This week, we played Ferntree Gully who haven’t recorded as many wins as they probably would have liked.  Either way, our team was out for redemption from our previous week’s loss.

The game started strong with a couple of fluent clearances and shots on goal.  We emphasised the need to find our key forwards and looked dangerous when we did, especially with Bakes powering out of the forward line.  Our mids got on top early with Jake, Harry, Trent and Hoff finding plenty of it.  After being freed up from Saturday detention, Benny Anderson had a big role to play in the ruck all day, coming up against two taller players.  He immediately made an impact around the ground with various intercept marks.  Although we got a little lazy with our entries and subsequently kicked a few too many behinds, our impact on the game was significant at quarter time.  

Ferntree Gully had the wind in the second and they managed to get some score on the board.  Our backmen were keeping tight though and some excellent rebounding from Brody, Will, Sturds, Dos and Lee allowed us to move the ball into the wind with effective run and carry.  Some quick switching to our runners, such as Cambo, Ryan and Johnny allowed our entries to improve. The half time break came around with a promising lead, although we weren’t completely.satisfied that we’d found our best footy yet.

The third quarter provided a few players with new opportunities, such as Milky moving into the middle.  His work around the contest was sensational, particularly with selfless acts to support his teammates.  The likes of Lukey Slater, Connor, Tuna and Jacko started to really impact the game, as did Under 17 fill ins, Kyle Schmidtke and Heath Rouse.  Despite Ferntree Gully remaining strong, we opened up the gap to a healthy lead at 3 quarter time.


The fourth quarter saw some gutsy efforts and a bit of physicality.  We remained disciplined though and moved the ball well.  Ferntree Gully added a few more goals to their tally, but we ensured that we balanced it out with a few of our own.  A very satisfying win and a basis for our next couple of weeks.

U19’s Scoreboard – presented by Lipari Pizza and TJ’s on Main
Boronia 13.15 93 d FTG 1.2 8
Goal Kickers: J. Baker 6, J. Lech 2, R. Williams, H. Fewson, J. Mellis, K. Notley, J. Gardiner-Hoffman.
Best Players: B. Aughterson, B. Anderson, H. Fewson, J. Baker, T. Griffiths, J. McDonald.

Under 19’s Match Report: Boronia v Heathmont

The contest against second placed Heathmont was one that we knew was going to be a challenge, as we considered them to be one of the best teams we had played earlier in the season.  Going in slightly undermanned wasn’t ideal, but we managed to get a few on the interchange and we were satisfied that we’d done enough to prepare for the battle.  

We lost the toss and ended up kicking “uphill” in the first quarter.  Whilst our mids were getting their hands on the ball first, a lack of cleanliness allowed the strong Heathmont attack to lock in the first goal.  Despite a quick reply, Heathmont continued their attack throughout the first quarter and held a four goal lead at quarter time.  We also lost Cambo to appendicitis throughout the term.

The second quarter was far more promising.  Our backline tidied up, which was no doubt assisted by the move of Fletcher Duke to CHB.  Our movement became more fluent and our disposal improved.  Jake, Harry, Hoff, Trent, Ben and Muels controlled the middle and we gave our forwards plenty of scoring opportunities.  As usual, Bakes was working hard and was well supported through the likes of Brody and Tuna, who played his best game yet.  The deficit at half time was now slightly reduced, although Hammer heading off in an ambulance and Lee Fletcher’s game ending due to a blow to the head meant we were now down to one on the bench.

Despite the adversity and lack of scoring “uphill”, we came out of half time positive and some blokes really displayed what it means to be resilient.  We found run through Ryan, Jacko and Dos, who was taking the game on and driving our rebound off half back.  The Heathmont class remained strong though and the quarter ended up being one that predominantly broke even.  We knew the last quarter was going to be a huge task with only one player on the bench.  We had blokes cramping and others with body complaints, but we managed to stick it out.  Whilst we couldn’t close the gap, the boys played the remaining three quarters with a lot of heart, integrity and trust.  To only let the margin increase by about 1 goal after half time is a sensational effort and with that in mind, we build confidence as we head into the business end of the season. Go Hawka!

@boroniahawks U19’s Scoreboard – presented by Lipari Pizza and TJ’s on Main

Heathmont 12.12 84 d Boronia 8.3 51
Goal Kickers: J. Baker 2, J. Mueller 2, T. Mellis, J. Gardiner-Hoffman, S. Tunstall, H. Fewson
Best Players: H. Emslie, J. Mellis, T. Griffiths, H. Fewson, J. Gardiner-Hoffman, S. Tunstall.

U19’s Match Report: Boronia v The Basin

The early game saw a big clash between 3rd place Hawks and 4th place Bears.  After scraping through with a couple of wins in the previous rounds, we were out to regain some confidence and pride.  On the small deck, it was a congested and physical game from the onset.  We managed to kick a quick goal to get the ball rolling thanks to a running wobbler from the boundary by the speedster, Ryan Williams. The Basin hit back with some positive ball movement forward, although our pressure ensured that they remained goalless come quarter time.  With a late goal from Under 17s player, Mason Storr, we entered the break with a nine point lead.

The second half remained congested and the effective tackle count was already breaking records.  It was coming down to the team who could remain disciplined and united the most.  The Basin managed a couple of goals throughout the second quarter, but so did we.  The late inclusion of Kyle Notley was not wasted as he managed to get onto to a handy one out the back of the contest and slot through a major.  The other came from a free kick to another Under 17s player filling in, Nathan Hare.  Harey was everywhere and did not look out of place for a second, tearing apart the opposition backline and midfield.  The main break saw us up by 7 points. The boys were full of confidence at half time and were eager to ensure the game kept progressing in our favour. 

We applied pressure from the start and did our best to nullify their key ball winners.  As a result, The Basin found it increasingly difficult to get the ball forward and when they did, some brilliance from our backline stopped the majority of flow, particularly several contested marks to the in-form Lee Fletcher. A strong goal to Josh Baker and a cheeky goal to the half-back flanker, Bailey Campbell, helped us to maintain our 7 point lead at 3-quarter time.

Whilst the contest remained close on the scoreboard, we felt like we were controlling the game and needed to punish them on the scoreboard in the last quarter, otherwise all of the hard work would have been wasted.  With a slight shuffle around to provide improved balance, we increased our ball control and our flair (insert massive plucks to Jacko Lech and Cooper Dunkinson from the 17s) whilst maintaining the huge tackle count.  The Bears only managed the single goal in the final term, although we found majors through both Luke Slater and Josh Baker. A satisfying and fulfilling victory by 15 points over the local rival.  We now shift our focus to the 2nd placed Heathmont, who are arguably the flag favourites at this point of the season. Go Hawks!

@boroniahawks U19’s Scoreboard – presented by Lipari Pizza and TJ’s on Main

Boronia 8.6 54 d The Basin 5.9 39
Goals: Baker 2, Storr 1, Hare 1, Campbell 1, Williams 1, Slater 1, Notley 1.
Best: Fletcher, Hare, Fewson, J Mellis, Storr, Lech.


Team Selections for 13th to 15th July

Netball Team Selections for Round 11 – presented by Knox Club

HAWKS Squad to play Wantirna South Devils at 8:00pm Friday at Knox Regional 1.
Julia Rush, Sharmini Philp, Mel Hutton, Ellie Ingwersen, Emily Barrie, Mandy Bell, Madison Barrie, Amy Hazard.

GOLD Squad to play Upper Gully Blue at 8:45pm Friday at Gloria Pyke 2, Dandenong.
Casey Hahn, Sarah Grigg, Inga Baselier, Dani Webb, Janae Griffin, Jess Hall, Stacey Shillingford, Ti Parker.

BROWN Squad to play Nunawading Maroon at 9:45pm Friday at Oxley 1.
Courtney Krenn, Alex McKaige, Chelsea Dynan, Lauren Bevan, Mollie McMahon, Cailtlin Yann, Dani Kemp, Sherridan Martin, Amanda Cellante, Bec Allen. #getaroundthebrown

Seniors Squad to play The Basin at 2:10pm at Batterham Reserve – presented by

5 S. Bell 14 J. Bolton 25 B. Bowes 45 H. Burgess 16 M. Buzinskas 15 H. Chinn 23 J. Collins 51 Z. Dower 12 D. Fairchild 29 J. Godwin 8 J. Hannon 2 L. Hannon 1 R. Henderson 11 J. Lake 19 B. McAlpine 17 L. McKernan 6 A. Phillips 42 B. Rapisarda 52 B. Robertson 39 Z. Robinson-Summerfield 47 T. Steele 37 R. White.

Development Squad to play The Basin at Batterham Reserve at 12:05pm – presented by

81 A. Biddau 60 M. Bruce 7 C. Burgess 70 N. Carrodus 4 B. Castersen 64 D. Dower 80 T. Dower 43 C. Flanagan 49 M. Goldsack 9 J. Granland 10 C. McDonald 73 R. Migues 2 T. Murphy 35 C. Murrihy 30 J. Paterson 58 J. Purdon 28 J. Rambaldo 31 D. Romano 15 D. Ruff 75 J. Stamatakos 25 N. Stamatakos 24 R. Warren 77 J. Whitmore 40 B. Wright.

U19’s Squad to play The Basin at 10:00am at Batterham Reserve – presented by

13 B. Anderson L. Armstrong 3 B. Aughterson 22 J. Baker 4 B. Campbell C. Dunkinson 27 H. Emslie 5 H. Fewson 29 L. Fletcher 14 J. Gardiner-Hoffman 7 T. Griffiths N. Hare 10 J. Lech 19 J. McDonald 9 J. Mellis 4 T. Mellis 23 H. Mountain 26 J. Mueller 17 J. O’Neill 21 L. Slater M. Storr 8 S. Tunstall 2 R. Williams.

Veterans Squad to play South Belgrave at 2:30pm on SUNDAY at Tormore Reserve – presented by GK Travel & Cruise

70 C. Aaltonen 6 S. Beaton 88 L. Burnett 86 S. Butler 41 M. Chawulak C. Cincotta M. Clinton 24 L. Cook J. Cranfield 52 B. Dahan 11 J. Davis M. Dyson 10 D. Fitzgerald 17 G. Hall 46 D. Hansby 35 M. James 36 S. Kavanagh 21 C. Krenn 94 S. Lehman 26 S. Little B. Notley 28 S. O’Reilly 43 C. Reid 42 M. Ryan B. Stewart 4 T. Vining 27 R. Weisz 13 B. Wiesner R. Witte 18 A. Wright.

Our Women’s Football  Team have a bye, returning on Saturday 21 July to play Donvale at Tormore Reserve at 1:00pm.

Under 19’s Match Report: Round 12 Boronia v Scoresby

In cold, wet and slippery conditions, the 19s came up against a determined Scoresby outfit. The first quarter was a scrappy affair. We controlled the majority of the play but couldn’t make the most of the opportunities, kicking four wasteful behinds.  Jake Mellis was everywhere and had some good support through the likes of Harry, Will and Trent.  Scoresby managed to move the ball forward towards the end of the quarter and snuck in a goal to take the lead at quarter time.

The second continued to be ugly footy and it didn’t help that Jake was now being tagged by one of their best players.  Muells made the move into the ruck to reduce the influence of the opposition’s big unit in the middle, ensuring that the mids had a chance to have more affect on clearances.  Despite some sloppy defensive work, we managed to attack enough to get some majors.  Hard work from Bakes, Slats and Jacko up forward ensured the hard work up the ground was being rewarded.

The boys came out firing in the third and despite an early goal to Scoresby, we fought back to bang on a couple of our own.  Hoff and Fletch had moved into the midfield and the dynamics were starting to go in our favour.  To Scoresby’s credit, they held strong and played a disciplined wet weather game.  With the great work and run by Jimmy, Dos and Ryan on the wings, we moved the ball better and ensured the deficit at 3 quarter time was minimal.

We fired up after the final break and played a more disciplined game.  The game was certainly not a spectacle, but if you looked closely you would have seen some really hard and courageous efforts from players willing to put their body on the line, such as Lee, Nots, Milky and Johnny Mac, who played an outstanding final term.  Although behind for a short while, we bounced back and managed to pull off a grinding 4 point victory.  Whilst it is important to celebrate these wins, we need to ensure that we put our best foot forward against The Basin in our next clash.

@boroniahawks U19’s Scoreboard – presented by Lipari Pizza & TJ’s on Main

Boronia 4.9 33 d Scoresby 4.5 29
Goal Kickers: J. Baker 3, J. Lech
Best Players: J. Mueller, J. Gardiner-Hoffman, J. McDonald, H. Fewson, J. Baker, L. Fletcher


U19’s Match Report: Round 11 Boronia v South Belgrave

The U19’s headed up the mountain for the early game to take on a competitive South Belgrave with Robbo taking the coaching reins and giving Fletch a well-deserved week off.  We also welcomed Luke Slater to the club for his first game.

Based on their results this year, South Belgrave had been competitive in every game and the boys knew that South needed to take a scalp to push their claims for a finals spot.  A fast start was stressed to the team pre game but unfortunately we conceded three goals, all from free kicks, and went into the ¼ time break down by 4 points.  Two goals to Josh Baker showed that if we moved the ball quickly on the small ground we would have plenty of opportunities to score.

The second quarter was a high scoring affair with both teams playing free flowing football which resulted in both teams kicking four goals apiece.  After a slow start, Trent Mellis & Harry Fewson started to get on top in the midfield, thanks to the tireless work of Ben Anderson & Jack Mueller in the ruck. Tuna & Luke Slater both kicked 2 for the quarter, with the latter being mobbed by his team mates after kicking his first goal for the club.  The half time score saw the Hawker ahead by a solitary point.

The coaches made some moves at half time in an effort to get the game going our way.  Jake Mellis was moved to CHB and Hoff was thrown into the midfield along with the big body of Will Morrison to try and assert some dominance around the stoppages.  South Belgrave managed to get on top in the first part of the third quarter through the dominance of their #12 on the wing so Bailey Campbell was sent to him with the simple task of following him everywhere and shutting him down.  Cambo did a great job, sacrificing his own game, and from this point on #12 only had 2 possessions and the game started to turn the Hawker’s way.  We clawed our way back from being down and led by 2 points at ¾ time.

The last quarter was a see-sawing affair with huge desperation being shown by both sides.  We managed to keep our noises in front for the entire quarter and maintained our composure in the final few minutes to control the game and at the final siren we were ahead by 4 points.  It was a huge team effort from everyone playing their role and digging deep, especially considering we were down two players going into the final quarter.  Bakes ended up with 3 goals for the game, Hoff was everywhere & Jake Mellis was a rock at CHB in the 2ndhalf.


After the game, Robbo happily handed the coaching gig back to Fletch with a perfect record intact and the young Hawks look forward to another tough challenge against Scoresby this week.

@boroniahawks D Squad Scoreboard – presented by Alchester IGA

Boronia 16.15 111 d South Belgrave 1.6 12

Goal Kickers: J. Stamatakos 3, K. Milde 2, J. Whitmore 2, J. Rambaldo 2, M. Goldsack 2, T. Dower 2, J. Purdon, R. Migues, B. Wright
Best Players: M. Smith, B. Castersen, B. Wright, D. Dower, K. Milde, J. Rambaldo.


U19’s Match Report: Round 10 Boronia v Donvale

Mitch Mellis making a guest appearance.

After a lengthy break and various interruptions, the game against Donvale was one that we’d be preparing for over a number of weeks.  Add to that, the inclusion of Mitch Mellis back from Eastern Ranges provided us even more confidence to execute and achieve our team goals.

We got off to a flyer in the first quarter through dominance in the midfield.  Benny Anderson had his work cut out for him in the ruck and through the support of the 3 Mellis brothers and Harry, he found a way to beat his opponent all over the ground.  Effective use out of the middle, including great run down the wings from Ryan, Sammy Fung, Johnny and Jimmy, gave our forwards ample opportunity to capitalise – 18 inside 50 entries in fact! The quarter time break saw us 7.1.43 to a scoreless opposition.

The key to our second quarter was to not get ahead of ourselves and to ensure we maintained the same disciplined approach.  The backline remained patient and rock solid.  Linking up and rebounding the footy was something we focused on and executed well through the likes of Will, Sturds, Lee Fletcher, Hammer, Hoff, Dos and Milky, who made a welcomed return from injury. The pattern of quick scoring seemed to slow down, although the ball movement and pressure were maintained.  Bakes continued to be dangerous up forward and was well supported by Connor, Muels, Brody and Tuna.  Notley also managed to get on the train ride as he started to prove why he is a dangerous forward.  A late move saw Hoff go forward – never have you seen a young footballer with such a bounce in his step!  At half time, Donvale managed only 2 behinds with the wind and the lead increased 57 points.

The feeling was good at half time and the team seemed to be maintaining focus.  We set ourselves some targets for the third quarter to ensure we kept progressing our game.  Hoff remained up forward and the rest of the team built on the first half dominance.  Ben Anderson and Mitch Mellis stepped up their game and combined with those around them to explode the ball forward an outstanding 22 times.  With 7 more goals added to the scoreboard and another scoreless quarter from the opposition, the lead was now 104 points at 3 quarter time.

The coaches had a chat about maintaining consistency in our approach to achieve a four quarter performance versus the opportunity to develop players in some new positions.  We agreed to make a few changes, including Bakes into the midfield, J Mellis to CHF, Jimmy moving down back and Milky up forward.  Unfortunately, we didn’t apply the same discipline and allowed Donvale to move the ball forward with more ease.  We learnt quickly after the game about remaining structured for 4 quarters and maintaining effective communication.  To the opposition’s credit, they scored a couple of goals and outscored us for the quarter.  Nonetheless, hard work early pays off and we enjoyed the 90 point win.

 A big effort on the track is required by all players this week. With the potential for 5 players to return for our game against Sth Belgrave, the pressure for selection is on!

@boroniahawks U19’s Scoreboard – presented by Lipari Pizza and TJ’s on Main

Boronia 17.11 113 d Donvale 2.8 20
Goal Kickers: H. Fewson 3, K. Notley 3, J. Mueller 2, J. Gardiner-Hoffman 2, J. Baker 2, B. Aughterson, W. Morrison, M. Mellis, S. Fung, R. Williams

Best Players: M. Mellis, B. Anderson, J. Gardiner-Hoffman, S. Fung, J. Mellis, K. Notley