2018 Under 19’s Premiership

Qualifying Final Waverley Blues 12.11 83 d Boronia 7.7 49

Goal Kickers: B. Campbell 2, T. Griffiths, J. Mellis, J. Baker, N. Hare, K. Notley
Best Players: T. Griffiths, L. Slater, N. Hare, J. Mellis, B. Anderson.

Semi Final 1: Boronia 10.10 70 d Templestowe 5.7 37

Goal Kickers: T. Dower 2, F. Duke 2, M. Storr, H. Fewson, J. Baker, L. Wright, L. Fletcher, J. Mellis
Best Players: J. Mellis, M. Storr, T. Mellis, J. Baker, L. Wright, N. Hare.

Preliminary Final:  Boronia 9.6 60 d Heathmont 7.15 57

Goal Kickers: T. Dower 4, H. Fewson 2, B. Campbell, J. Lech, C. Dunkinson
Best Players: B. Anderson, F. Duke, M. Storr, N. Hare, J. Lech, T. Dower.

GRAND FINAL: Boronia 7.7 49 d Waverley Blues 6.8 44

Goal Kickers: J. Baker 2, M. Storr, B. Anderson, L. Slater, L. Wright, J. Lech
Best Players: N. Hare, J. Mellis, J. Baker, F. Duke, B. Anderson, J. Gardiner-Hoffman

Reserves Elimination Final: Boronia v The Basin

With possibly the strongest team we have had all year we arrived at Glen Waverley to finals football.  Again some of the first faces we noticed were players not playing on the day,  a sign of real character.  The ground was in good condition; a little hard in the middle but no complaints here.  We prepared well and were ready for battle with our opponents.

From the first contest we looked as if we were on.  Running in numbers, looking for run-by handballs, spreading, and using the ball well.  With our mid field playing strong and smart we could deliver the ball with more purpose to our forwards and give them more opportunity to mark and score.  We played the ground well and used the wings to our advantage.   The pressure was there from The Basin but we absorbed it and looked after each other.   With Allen, Castersen, Heuston, Carodus, Leeson, Warren, Granland, Bruce and Johnson having a stand out first quarter we put ourselves in a strong position.

The second was played with great link up football, run off our back line, hard blocks and precise kicks and handballs.   We looked fast, if the finals nerves were there it didn’t show.  With Milde, Migues, Romano, McDonald and the Dowers having good games we won almost all over the ground.  Our forwards still had reason to be a little frustrated, none more so than Paterson.   We still made it hard for him, and his approach to the contest was admirable, dishing off when he could and kicking a few himself .

The third term was our best.  We really got on top and broke the game open, our defence repelled every forward entry by The Basin and their frustration showed with some undisciplined acts and umpire “bashing” which made us look even better.   On the other hand, we did not give away a 25 or back chat the men in green once and we are proud of the way we went about the game on this level.

The final quarter we took our foot off the gas a little and let them get a couple of goals.  We responded when we had to, but we must play four full quarters if we are to continue to the final dance and next week against the Gully will be a different style of footy and we must be even better than today.

Selection will again be difficult and players will be disappointed.  The Development Squad has a number of purposes through out the season.  It is firstly to produce and develop players to play in the senior team; create a conduit for our young players to rise through the ranks; and then be competitive and win through out the season.  We have balanced the numbers well this season and we now have a mission to complete, each week is do or die, the players are on track and focused, so let’s see where it leads us.

Development Squad Scoreboard – presented by Knox Club

Goal Kickers: J. Paterson 3, R. Warren, L. Johnson, J. Purdon, N. Heuston, S. Goldsack.
Best Players: J. Granland, D. Romano, R. Miller, K. Milde, N. Heuston, C. McDonald.

Netball Match Report: Preliminary Final Boronia Hawks v Lilydale Falcons

And that’s a wrap for Boronia Hawk’s Premier Division season 2018, losing to Lilydale and ending our Grand Final hopes 51-66.  Lilydale out played us.  They shot with accuracy and rarely lost a ball in their possession.  Although Hawks had some great game play, we just didn’t have what it takes to win tonight.

Hawks had a great season in Premier Division finishing 4th out of 10 teams.  After coming up from Division 1 the team should be very happy with their efforts.  We often had a different team each week with 18 players taking the court for us this season.  While it’s great to have so many players represent Boronia, next year we hope to have a smaller, more united side who play the whole season as a tight unit and take it all the way to the grand final. I truly believe there are bigger and better things to come from this team.

Bad luck ladies. It’s never fun to lose and miss out on the grand final, especially after such a great season.  I do hope you all enjoyed what really was a great season of netball with a lovely group of ladies.  Coaching and managing you has been really enjoyable and I truly thank you all for supporting me.  Coaching is so much harder (and stressful) than playing, but it’s been really nice to stay involved and watch you all play some great netball.  You are such a lovely bunch of talented, kind and friendly girls, your support for each other has been fantastic.  Every time a new player came in, you made them feel instantly part of the team. You all played a hard, competitive and clean season of netball and represented our club with class.  Bumma we don’t get our GF!  You deserve it after this season, but as you all know: that netball!  You win it, you lose it, but we love it!!!

Katie Harper




D Squad Match Report: Boronia v Ringwood

Our last home and away game for 2018 and we are coming off a big win, with some big names back in after injury.  The first time for some of us at the Ringwood venue and the size and condition of the ground was somewhat overwhelming.  The atmosphere was so different with no Under 19’s playing before us and it actually felt flat and lifeless.  It was great to see that some of the first players to arrive were guys not even playing.  This shows great team spirit and goes a long way and is remembered down the track.

The game started and was an arm wrestle and a low scoring affair for the first 20 minutes.   Plenty of opportunities and forward entries but we didn’t bother the scoreboard that often.  We always felt we had more momentum and were dominating in the middle, thanks to Carro, Allen, Cass and Warren.  When we went forward we put it on top of our forwards’ heads time and time again.  The boys had come to play and with Leeson getting four touches in his first 45 seconds of play we all wanted a bit of the action, we could smell the freshly cut grass of finals footy.

 The second term was much the same as the first and they had some gifted footballers making the play off their backline, repelling our forward entries, but we kept coming and knew eventually the dam would break and goals would come.

Patto, T Dower and Watto were all on the move and although our delivery was still inaccurate, we were a real handful for the opposing back line.  At the other end of the ground our back line was not only stopping scoring opportunities but giving great movement either by switching or running through the next line and bringing everyone into the play.

The second half we looked fresh and confident and that’s how we went about our footy.  Our tackle count was up, our short game was getting better, and we were hitting targets.  The mids were all on top and Macca was causing chaos footy with his run and carry.  We used the ball well and did almost everything we have been practicing at training.  Confidence is a great tool to gain at this time of year and our depth is back to early season numbers.  Picking our team for the first week of finals will be extremely difficult and there will be disappointment come Thursday night, but the twenty four who make the team will be playing with everything for those who did not.

It has been a great year around the club and everyone who missed games have been positive and supportive and we thank them, but finals footy is the start of another season within a season and we must now play our very best.  Not everyone will agree with the teams selected and that’s understandable.  Team balance and match ups are extremely important and strength, skill and luck play a big part.  We will pick a team that we think can continue towards the final week of the season and believe me, opportunities will arise.  Anything can happen in four weeks of footy.

@boroniahawks D Squad Scoreboard – presented by Alchester IGA

Boronia 11.7 73 d Ringwood 1.5 11
Goal Kickers: R. Miller 3, T. Dower 2, J. Paterson 2, L. Watson 2, J. Purdon, J. Stamatakos
Best Players: R. Warren, N. Allen, N. Carrodus, L. Leeson, J. Purdon, B. Castersen

Netball Match Reports: Finals!

BORONIA HAWKS Semi Final v Fair Park Yellow
It was always going to be a tough game going up against Premier Division’s most dominant team of the year: Fairpark Yellow.  To Hawks’ credit, they went into the semi final with a great attitude and a desire to win.  We held our own in the first quarter and kept things close in the first half.  The second half saw Fair Park take control to take the win 56-37.
I could mention every player for a game well played.   Everyone really did step up and push hard, we had a lot of positive channels of play.  However I’m going to keep things shorts and mention just a couple.  Our defence end was extremely strong, making Fair Park work hard for every goal.  Natalie Craven was a stand out performer for Hawks in GK.  The defensive pressure from Nat and Madison was fantastic.  They worked so well together to win Hawks countless turnovers.
Another special mention to Emily Barrie who played WD and GA.  Emily is always a hard working, reliable player, who never gives up no matter what her position.

The loss sends Hawks to the Preliminary Finals on Friday night: Boronia Hawks v Lilydale Falcons.  I have total faith that Hawks will take the win and we will have our Grand Final opportunity!  7:00pm at Fairhills Court 1.

BORONIA BROWN Preliminary Final v Glen Waverley Hawks

Unfortunately after a loss on Friday night the season for our Boronia Brown girls has come to an end.

The game was close from the beginning and extremely intense. With an injury in the second quarter to our star C Lauren Bevan this left no bench for Boronia Brown.  Sherridan Martin pulled out her strength for pushing through an injury herself so we were able to have a team of 7 on the court left to battle for the remainder of the game.


We were ahead by a few goals many times during the game but unfortunately we were unable to finish the game ahead, going down by 2 in the end.  Chelsea Dynan played her best game all season being put into WA for the second half, not her usual WD she has worked towards all season.  Every single player fought their hardest, in what was again a physical game we pushed ourselves and can finish the season feeling proud.

Our defence was strong and hard to beat, a rotation of goalers was required from the opposition to try and beat the height, strength and length of Alex and Courtney’s arms in rebounds.  An incredible performance from both Caitlin Yann and Dani Kemp in GA and GS, goals on target and movement in the circle was unfaultable.


Chelsea and Mollie in the attacking end as midcourt worked well together especially after not playing together in these positions all season.  There was only one collision of the two during the game which was captured on camera as a delightful (and embarrassing) action shot!


We wish Lauren the best in recovering from her ankle injury and cannot wait to celebrate a very hard but well fought season for our Boronia Brown girls.  #getaroundthebrown


Seniors Match Report: Boronia v Chirnside Park

Today the Hawker played the Chirnside Park Football Club, a club that had not won a game this season and in the past couple of weeks has lost a number of senior players.

No one wants to see a side win by 200+ points but from a positive point of view the Hawker never took the foot off the throat of their opposition and the opposition never stopped trying from the first bounce to the final siren.  The game was played in good spirits by both sides all day.  With the Hawker having 13 individual goal kickers and obviously a very good team performance, this was the Hawkers’ biggest win for some time with The Hawker running out winners by 210 points.

I would like to highlight Jess Bolton as it was fitting to see the local champ celebrate his 150th for the Hawker in style.  Bolts in my opinion is in the top two players to play for the Hawker over the past fifteen years.  Two time Bob Henry Best & Fairest winner & runner up a number of times; five time team of the year for EFL 3rd division.  Jess also played a couple of seasons for Casey and East Burwood in his early days which would see his senior game tally up over 220 games. Jess is a long time Boronia Hawker coming through our junior program. He has coached a number of his team mates in juniors a couple of years ago to help align our Junior / Senior pathways.  This alignment forms the building blocks to the Club’s foundation to build sustained prosperity & success in the future.

Well Done Bolts, A great Hawker.

17 rounds down 1 to go, then off to the finals for the first time in a couple of years, the hard work starts this week against the top side.

Seniors Scoreboard – presented by Knox Club

Boronia 32.21 213 d Chirnside Park 0.3
Goal Kickers: J. Collins 5, Z. Robinson 5, L. Hannon 5, D. Fairchild 3, R. White 3, B. Robertson 3, C. Burgess 2, J. Godwin, J. Bolton, J. Lake, H. Burgess, M. Buzinskas, H. Chinn
Best Players: J. Collins, L. Hannon, Z. Robinson, J. Godwin, D. Fairchild, H. Burgess.

D Squad Match Report: Boronia v Chirnside Park

Our last home game for the season and the weather looked threatening early.  We knew our opponents were struggling and a late night call confirmed they were short on numbers and not sure if they could field a full side.  Never an ideal situation, especially two games out from finals.  However we prepared well and hoped they could field a full team.  With Johnno a late elevation to the seniors it made way for another who was to miss this game.

We warmed up well and took the field – we were ready to play.  Our opponents had indeed put together a full squad made up of a few regulars, some under nineteens and eight vets, so we could play.

The game started and it was immediately evident that we would win the ball and use it well from the first ball up.  With both our dominant ruckmen missing this week it was up to J Stamatakos and Murra to do the work in the middle.  

We cleared and goaled quickly and that would be the tone for the game.  We won every position on the ground for the game and switched well, gained well needed confidence and kicked a big score.  The highlight for the coaches was not necessarily the score or the skill level.  It was the respect we gave our opponents, who as a club are obviously struggling with depth and experienced personal. Games such as these could turn into a blood bath if handled the wrong way by the dominant team, but our young men were respectful and our opponents, although failing to kick a major, could have a laugh and never once were aggressive.  I thank Chirnside Park for putting a team on the field, playing in the spirit in which the game should be played, and enjoying a kick or two.

We now prepare for Ringwood and finals.  We will now need to win every game we play to get to the final game in September.  We are nearly back to full strength and with players coming back to our senior team, we will get even stronger.  Bring on Finals Footy.

D Squad Scoreboard – presented by Alchester IGA

Boronia 23.20 158 d Chirnside Park 0.2 2
Goal Kickers: J. Paterson 6, J. Whitmore 3, C. McDonald 3, J. Rambaldo 3, K. Milde 2, R. Miller, N. Heuston, B. Castersen, N. Allen, J. Collins, T. Dower
Best Players: N. Allen, J. Purdon, R. Warren, C. McDonald, J. Paterson, R. Miller


Netball Reports: Last Round for Premier Division and Two Finals!

HAWKS: Round 15 – Final Round of the season
Boronia Hawks 57 def by Scoresby Swoopers 60 (Julia Rush 51, Sharmini Philp 4, Emily Barrie 2)
An intense game against Scoresby Swoopers tonight!  We started the game at full throttle and were 5 up in the first few minutes, before things levelled out and it was pretty much neck and neck for the first half.  Unfortunately a few dodgie umpire calls in the third quarter, rattled us and allowed Scoresby to take a massive 10 goal lead.  Scoresby were actually a very nice team to play and they themselves questioned the umpires decision… none the less, we dropped our heads and allowed the scores to blow out.
After regrouping at 3/4 time the girls went back on with a mission to turn things around.  The margin got to 12 at one point before the girls started fighting back. We got to within 3 with no time left on the clock and walked away with a loss 57-60.  All in all, a bloody good effort from Hawkss. I’m sure we will see this team again come finals.
Most of our team played for Boronia Gold in Division 1 2017, so should be congratulated for a fantastic season finishing top 4 in Premier League 2018.  Looking forward to seeing what this team can do next week as we head into finals.
Excellent game to Julia who scored 51 goals. Julia scored high on the seasons highest goal scores getting 358 goals in only 8 games.  That’s an average of 45 a game. I’m sure a full playing season would have secured her spot as highest goal scorer!!!

GOLD Semi Final 1 (Elimination)
Boronia Gold 31 def by Mulgrave Red 32 (Sarah Grigg 18, Jess Hall 13)

Our Semi final against Mulgrave was an intense game. They came at us not with skill but with unfair tactics. 1st quarter saw us down by 2 goals and it was much the same for the 2nd quarter.

Ti copped the bulk of Mulgrave’s undisciplined game from a foul mouth and physical contact from her opponent .  All credit to Ti, we didn’t realise the extent of it until later that night with the bruising across her hip.  She kept calm and continued to put the pressure on which only rattled her opponent more.
3rd quarter they ran away with the lead and we were now down by 5.  Our girls kept their cool and pushed hard to come back and even the score. Janae and Inga playing so well in defence together, they put the pressure on and when the goalers missed they were on the rebounds and let’s not forget the Intercepts.
Ti was outstanding in WD.  She wasn’t given an easy task and she kept her cool and made her player work for every pass.  Stacey was on fire in C with many turnovers and always there for the pass.  Chanelle also strong in WA, such a reliable player with accurate passing into the ring and many turnovers.  Casey made great position in WA too.  Jess works hard in GA and is always available all the way down into the goals shooting 13 of the goals.
Sarah in GS constantly reoffering position and there for rebounds if needed, shooting 18 of the goals.
With only a minute left Mulgrave scored and ran the clock down.  Our team started the season never having played together before and to go on and fight our way into the finals is a huge achievement.  I’m proud to be a part of Boronia Football Netball Club and so proud of how our team handled themselves on court.  Final score 31-32.

BROWN Semi Final 2 (Double Chance)
Brown 22 def by Upper Ferntree Gully Red 25 (Dani Kemp 13, Caitlin Yann 9)
Unfortunately Boronia Brown were defeated in the Semi Final on Friday.  Luckily after finishing on top of the ladder we will have a second chance this week against Glen Waverley Hawks Blue.

The Semi Final was a very tough game with a strong opposition and nerves affecting our players.  The girls should not be disappointed in our efforts as they was the toughest opponent all season.  We fought hard and many opportunities were won defensively during the game, but unfortunately we were unable to convert all of these to the scoreboard.

We are focusing on this week and learning from this loss as a stepping stone towards the Grand Final.  Fingers crossed for us this week and it would be great for everyone available to come and cheer us on!  Big crowds and cheering are very motivating/intimidating!  #getaroundthebrown


D Squad Match Report: Boronia v Warrandyte

Another great day for footy as we arrived at Warrandyte full of confidence and ready to get back on the winners list again. With five missing out at selection and despite losing Dylan Dower with a very well deserved call up to the seniors, we played our strongest list in almost five six weeks.

With plenty of senior experience in the team a solid start was on the cards, we kicked off well but the Bloods had bought plenty of aggression to the game and we quickly wore the brunt of some pretty crude tackling.  We lacked desire to put our heads and bodies over the ball with a few exceptions such as Allen, Castersen and Heuston.  The ruck was sorted with our talls but we kept the inner circle too small and space was difficult to find, once we did get out the pressure was on our ball carriers and we struggled to be accurate by hand and foot.  Our opponents had got a sniff early and were definitely up and about.  These games can often be dangerous as our opponents had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The second quarter was much the same as the first and the ball moved from one end to the other with little to no skill by either team: it was just plain ugly footy. With the loss of Wrighty to a back injury Carro had to do the bulk of the ruck work on his own.  We were getting well beaten by the Bloods number 22 and would find out after the game he would front up again for the seniors.   As we have done in the past when our opponents have a quality player that is tearing us apart we again called for Ryan Miller to put on a hard tag and win the ball for us.  Immediately his dominance stopped and 22 had little to no effect for the remainder of the game.

At the long break we still felt our skills were much better than theirs and in the second half we would play much cleaner smarter football and that’s how it panned out.  We moved the ball with better quality kicks and decision making, kept possession and didn’t panic.  With players now gaining confidence we started to switch and look down the lanes.

Our senior experience started to shine and with Castersen , Allen, Warren, Johnson, McDonald and Heuston dominating their own contests it allowed others to receive the ball and use it wisely.

With Carro working hard most of the game we needed to give him a rest and J Stamma was thrown into ruck duties, with his willingness to put body on in the middle we lost nothing and we had plenty of opportunities to go forward.  With Patto presenting well, we still made it hard for him but it was great to see him kicking a few and we look forward to a big bag next week.

Winning after a dry spell is always a great feeling and we sung the song loud.  It was pleasing in the second half of the game and momentum must be gained and carried into our next match and beyond if we are to make our mark on finals footy.

D Squad Scoreboard – presented by Alchester IGA
Boronia 8.13 61 d Warrandyte 4.5 29
Goals: J. Paterson 3, J. Rambaldo 2, C. Flanagan 2, J. Purdon 1.
Best Players: Castersen, Miller, Allen, Heuston, Nick Stamatakos, Carrodus, Johnson.


U19’s Match Report: Boronia v Warrandyte

Round 16 saw us venture out to Warrandyte on a cool, but clear morning – perfect conditions for footy!  The group was clear about the task at hand and were prepared for a strong hit out.  We got off to a slow start with Warrandyte’s midfield getting the early upper hand.  They managed to get the first few scores on the board, but lucky for us, they didn’t convert after four attempts.  We worked hard and Ben Anderson did a mountain of work as the ruckman to support deep in defence.  After struggling to effectively move the ball forward, we started to find some run and hit the scoreboard with our first major.  The key forwards, led by Fletcher Duke, Will Morrison, Luke Slater and Josh Baker, looked dangerous and we just needed to find a way to win the ball through the middle so we could utilise them more.  We managed to add a couple of more late goals and at quarter time, the margin was 17 points in our favour.

The message at quarter time was to tighten up our defensive game and to take control of the tempo and ball use.  Unfortunately, we started to get ahead of ourselves and Warrandyte began to show us up in all those areas.  Both sides put on two more goals for the quarter, although the opposition certainly looked like they could have narrowed the gap more with their forward 50 entries.  We began to lack our natural discipline, as we started complaining about factors other than our performance.  Half time saw the margin remain similar to quarter time as it stood at 18 points.

Some firm and clear words were provided at half time to assist us to reflect and change our approach.  The third quarter started with Warrandyte once again coming out on fire, booting two early goals and bringing the margin back to under 10 points.  Without panic, we made a few positional changes to establish more balance and pegged back those goals.  However, the opposition were certainly impressive and reduced the margin at 3 quarter time to 14 points.

Coming home with a slight breeze meant that we had to utilise the advantage to expand the lead, rather than simply trying to defend the 14 point advantage.  We found more balance throughout the middle with Jack, Will and Junior all exerting their dominance.  Add to that the run from Ryan and Cambo on the wing, plus Harry and Jake, and we now had a more free flowing game.  Warrandyte ran out of legs and we managed to expand our lead.  Whilst not our best performance, we got the job done by 44 points and will use this wake up call to take on an in form Chirnside Park.

U19’s Scoreboard – presented by Lipari Pizza and TJ’s on Main

Boronia 12.12 84 d Warrandyte 5.10 40
Goals: T. Dower 4, J. Baker 4, J Lech 2, W. Morrison 2.
Best Players: J. Mellis, F. Duke, J. Baker, B. Anderson, R. Williams, T. Dower.