The Mick Spencer Perpetual Trophy

The Club presents an annual Mick Spencer Award in memory of former junior coach Mick Spencer, who was tragically killed one night after training when he stopped to help a motorist change a tyre and was struck and killed by a passing car.  

The Junior by-laws require that a perpetual trophy is presented to a person who has made “a significant and consistent contribution” as selected by the Junior President and junior coaches.  The list of award winners demonstrates very clearly that the award goes to those who have dedicated an enormous amount of personal time and effort to the success of our junior club and the development of our young players.

Samantha Dunkinson – 2019 Winner
Craig McKenzie, 2018 recipient of the Mick Spencer Award.
2023Mike Allen
2022Carolyn Wood
2021Jason Davis
2019Samantha Dunkinson
2018Craig McKenzie
2017Ellisa Schmidtke
2016Matt Riding-Hill
2015Brett Smith
2014Shane Bishop
2013Libby Flanagan
2012Leanne Rech
2011Cameron Mellis
2010David Thornton
2009Andrew Catley
2008Fiona Osborne
2007Phil Watson
2006Trevor Law
2005Peter Tessier
2004Pip Allen
2003Dave Scarratt
2002Mick Craddock
2001Charlie Ely
2000Duke Duncan
1999Ron Kendall
1998Ellen Johnson
Phil Watson, 2007
Ron Kendall, 1999
Pip Allen, 2004
Ellisa Schmidtke, 2017
Libby Flanagan, 2014
Ellen Johnson, 1998