Returning to team sport after childbirth

Boronia Hawks are featured with a nice photo in this week’s edition of “A Note from Leisure”, the informative newsletter from Knox City Council’s Suranga Dissakarunaratne, Leisure Services Officer.

Joint Training Day

“Playing for team motherhood”: Returning to team sport after childbirth

“Motherhood and a decrease in physical activity participation often go hand in hand. Specifically, early motherhood is a time when women have some of their lowest rates of sport participation. This is a problem, because during the postnatal period (up to 1 year after giving birth) women are at high risk of drastic weight gain, postpartum depression, isolation and anxiety. While physical changes that affect sport participation are well-addressed, how postnatal women re-engage in sport is also affected by gendered expectations accompanying motherhood. These expectations include gender roles dictating how mothers “should” behave. Another expectation is intensive mothering, that is, the expectation that mothers must prioritize their child’s needs over their own. These expectations both decrease mothers’ physical activity levels and also weaken their emotional and physical well-being”. Learn more……..

A Christmas Message from Flash

To all players, volunteers, supporters and officials

On behalf of the senior committee, I’d like to wish everyone a restful and enjoyable summer break. Our club, like all clubs, has survived two extraordinary years that we could never plan for. Our club is in a great place thanks to the tireless work of our Board, Committees, Coaches and a loyal and dedicated playing group.

My New Year’s wish is for an uninterrupted season, we all deserve that! Surely that’s not too aspirational!!!!! I feel so sorry for the teams that had premiership hopes for this season. It is what it is but it’s still shattering for our coaches and players!

The behind the scenes work our coaches have done to ensure the well being of our players will never be fully realised, but I know what they have done and greatly appreciate their incredible efforts in keeping our players healthy. We are truly blessed to have the quality of coaches we do have in both football programs and our club is just so grateful for your work, kindness and dedication.

Our football managers in Karen, Ash and Wrighty don’t stop. We are always working at improving our lists and we are quietly confident that our lists for 2022 will be strong and be able to compete in what is looking like really even and competitive divisions for our male and female teams.

The senior club is already busy planning for events such as our first Presidents Luncheon. David “The Ox” Schwartz is our first speaker, with Luckmans Catering already locked in! Our Corporate Golf Day at the magnificent Eastwood Golf Club is being managed by Hollywood, and Leanne Rech is project managing our 90th Birthday Celebration Dinner which promises to be huge! Phil, Sammi, Wayne and Grant did a great job with our Christmas Fun Run and Nath Allen is planning a huge season of incredible social events!!!

A special thank you to Bomma and Leanne for managing our highly successful Hawks Nest Coterie. The work you do in building a cohesive community of past players and supporters is difficult to measure, but it is massive!!!!

Our incredible grants team led by Kerryn Westcott has secured a number of grants that will pay for things such as a new bain marie, new ice machine, iPads and a new fridge freezer. We also have nets being installed behind the goals at the club house end of the ground over summer.

We cannot run a club the size of Boronia without our dedicated volunteers. I sincerely thank you all. You are the lifeblood of our club and you are all the very best of people! If you are thinking of getting on board to help out, just ask and we will welcome you with open arms! We know we have to share the load and we are delegating more tasks than ever before as we can’t afford to burn out good people!

All in all, the club is in a good place. We have solid and meaningful direction across all leadership groups from Coterie to Playing Leadership Groups to Coaches to Committees to the Board. I wish all volunteers, all players and supporters a great Christmas and I’ll see you back down at the club in the new year.

Greg “Flash” Hannon, Senior President

Boronia Men’s Under 19’s

Young footballers looking for a successful development environment in 2022 should try @boroniahawksfnc Under 19’s Squad.

Boronia Hawks has a proud history of strong youth teams at the Under 18 / 19 level. We have been finalists in every season from 2010 to 2021 and have a proven record of developing young footballers.

Call our Under 19’s Coach Pierre Schumann on 0409 181 086 for more information or visit our Under 19’s web page.

Boronia’s Women’s Football Team Moves to Premier Division

The success of our Women’s Football Program continues following the announcement that Boronia Hawks will play in Premier Division in 2022.

Boronia Women’s Squad 2021

The Eastern Football Netball League has released the divisional structure for the top tiers of Women’s Football yesterday, featuring the inclusion of new teams Mount Evelyn and Eastern Devils. Premier Division is split in to two sections, with cross-over rounds featuring teams between Premier A and Premier B.

Please click here for the link to the 2022 Senior Women’s Fixtures.

Boronia coaches Scott Nicholas and Candyce Wright have welcomed the announcement as an exciting opportunity for our players and both are looking forward to the challenge.

Senior President, Greg Hannon said that “Our players now have the opportunity to play against the highest standard of players and teams in the Eastern Suburbs. This will be a huge challenge for our playing cohort but one that I’m sure their coaches and players are very much looking forward to. We wish our female players the very best in 2022 in their new competition”.

Please click here for information on our Women’s Football Program:

Please click here for the EFNL announcement:

Recognition for Karen Little and Candyce Wright

Boronia Hawks could not be prouder to announce that Karen Little has been recognised as the winner of the 2020/2021 Local Champion for Gender Equality Awards. Karen was presented with her award by Mayor of Knox, Susan Laukens and Deputy Mayor, Nicole Seymour, at a ceremony at Boronia Church of Christ.

In further recognition of the Club’s commitment to our women’s players and supporters and the promotion of Gender Equality, Candyce Wright was also one of the three finalists for the award.

Please click here for more information on our Gender Equity Plan.

Every year PLEDGE presents the Knox Local Champions for Gender Equality Awards.  These awards are given to individuals who have made a significant contribution towards achieving greater gender equality in the City of Knox, whether through a business, organisation, or individually.

The Club would like to extend our gratitude to PLEDGE for its work in the local community to recognise the leadership of great advocates for women such as Karen and Candyce.

Thank You from Knox Infolink

“Thank you so much for your wonderful donations of food and toys and Christmas items. Please thank your club for their generosity and re-assure them that their donations will be going to people in need in Knox and brightening their Christmas, a time that can lack joy for some, but your donations will be well received”.

Thank you to Geoff Bell and Ellen Johnson for dropping off the donations this morning.

Knox Infolink: “We are a community information centre that provides confidential and impartial information to support people in the Knox Community. Knox Infolink is the main provider of Emergency Relief”.

136 Boronia Road, Boronia 3155 Hours: Monday -Thursday 10am – 3pm

Thank You Everyone for our Christmas Fun Run!

A big thank you to everyone who joined in the Christmas Spirit on Sunday.

An especially big thank you to all the volunteers who put so much work in to the event, particularly Phil Vanderdrift and Grant Bertram. Thank you to our special guests Santa and Jackson Taylor MP and to our photographers Grant Bertram and Sam Dunkinson.

Thank you also to, McDonald’s and G.J. Gardner Homes Australia.

Most of all, thank you to our Hawka community who were very generous with the amount of gifts and food to be donated to the less fortunate through Knox Infolink.