Team Selections for 4th and 5th of May

@boroniahawks Seniors Squad to play Chirnside Park at 2:10pm at Kimberley Reserve – presented by ALL STATE REFRIGERATION SERVICES

1 R. Henderson 2 L. Hannon 6 A. Phillips 8 J. Hannon 11 J. Lake 12 D. Fairchild 16 M. Buzinskas 17 L. McKernan 19 B. McAlpine 21 N. Heuston 22 M. Geraghty 23 J. Collins 25 B. Bowes 29 J. Godwin 30 J. Paterson 37 R. White 39 Z. Robinson 40 B. Wright 42 B. Rapisarda 45 H. Burgess 47 T. Steele 52 B. Robertson.

@boroniahawks Development Squad to play Chirnside Park at 12:05pm at Kimberley Reserve – presented by DYSON CURRIE TIMBER WHOLESALERS

3 N. Allen 5 S. Bell 72 H. Betts 74 Z. Brasher 70 N. Carrodus 4 B. Castersen 61 J. Collins 64 D. Dower 51 Z. Dower 49 M. Goldsack 26 S. Goldsack 9 J. Granland 32 L. Johnson 71 P. Kinniff 10 C. McDonald 41 K. Milde 33 R. Miller 35 C. Murrihy 58 J. Purdon 31 D. Romano 75 J. Stamatakos 25 N. Stamatakos 24 R. Warren 77 J. Whitmore.

@boroniahawks U19’s Squad to play Chirnside Park at 10:00am at Kimberley Reserve – presented by BARK KING

13 B. Anderson 3 B. Aughterson 22 J. Baker 4 B. Campbell 15 H. Chinn 80 T. Dower 1 F. Duke 27 H. Emslie 5 H. Fewson 29 L. Fletcher 79 S. Fung 14 J. Gardiner-Hoffman 10 J. Lech 19 J. McDonald 9 J. Mellis 12 T. Mellis 16 W. Morrison 23 H. Mountain 26 J. Mueller 17 J. O’Neill 30 L. Sturdy 8 S. Tunstall 2 R. Williams.

@boroniahawks Veterans Squad to play Bayswater at 7:00pm FRIDAY at Bayswater Reserve – presented by GK Travel & Cruise

70 C. Aaltonen 6 S. Beaton 28 L. Burnett 41 M. Chawulak 24 L. Cook 45 J. Cranfield 52 B. Dahan 11 J. Davis M. Dyson 17 G. Hall 46 D. Hansby 36 S. Kavanagh 21 C. Krenn 25 G. Krenn 94 S. Lehman 68 B. Notley 43 C. Reid 42 M. Ryan 50 B. Stewart 4 T. Vining 27 R. Weisz 13 B. Wiesner 48 R. Witte 34 K. Wood 18 A. Wright.

@boroniahawks Women’s Squad to play Yarra Junction at 10:00am Saturday at Yarra Junction – presented by Knox Leisureworks

B Allen, J Buzinskas, K Buzinskas, A Cellante, A Davidson, B Kinniff, P Lacey, J Lacey, D Langford, C Lee, B Martin, S Mellis, A Penny, S Peril.


Assistant Coaches for Hawks Squad

Boronia Hawks Football Netball Club is pleased to announce the panel of Assistant Coaches to support Craig McKenzie with the 2018 Hawk Squad – our combined U19’s and U17’s teams.

We are particularly excited to welcome Brayden Bowes to the coaching team. The big fella brings some great experience as an assistant coach for Rowville Knights who won the U17A premiership in 2017.  Big Ben Robertson, Luke Biddau and Damon Webb have worked with Fletch over the past few seasons and bring a wealth of playing experience to help guide the 17’s and 19’s.

Please join us in congratulating Fletch and his team!

Craig McKenzie
Brayden Bowes
Ben Robertson
Damon Webb
Luke Biddau