Thank you to KRISTAN WOOD and ALLSTATE REFRIGERATION SERVICES for Player Sponsorship of NATHAN HARE for the 2024 season.

Harey is a medal magnet: Anzac Day, Blue Ribbon, Premierships, League Under 19’s. His pace, skills and goal kicking are all on display and there is no doubt he can play many more blinders for the Hawks in the years ahead.


Thank you to KRISTAN WOOD and ALLSTATE REFRIGERATION SERVICES for Player Sponsorship of MITCH MELLIS for the 2024 season.

One of three Mellis boys to play for Boronia, the talented offspring of Cam and Cath. Mitch is without doubt one the finest junior players in our Club’s history. He had an excellent career with Eastern Ranges, playing 33 games from 2017 to 2019. Mitch won the Pennington Medal for Ranges B&F in 2018. He won selection in the 2019 NAB League Team of the Year and gained third place in the 2019 Morrish Medal for the NAB League B&F. This resulted in his recruitment to Williamstown before returning to the Hawks in 2021. A 2023 premiership player and winner of the EFNL B&F, Mitch brings speed, endurance, class, and ferocity to every contest.


Boronia Hawks Football Netball Club is very proud to once again be supported by long term partner and Gold Sponsor, KRISTAN WOOD and ALL STATE REFRIGERATION SERVICES.

There is no more loyal Hawka than Woody and his successful business has backed the Club for many years. Allstate Refrigeration Services supplies, maintains, and repairs supermarket refrigeration and commercial air conditioning systems. Many thanks Woody, you’re a true Hawka Legend.

PREMIERSHIP CUPS ON TOUR | Allstate Refrigeration Services

It took a while but we finally caught up with Woody who owns and runs Allstate Refrigeration.

Kristan Wood was instrumental in putting together the structure and team that won our senior premiership back in 2018 and is now Junior President and celebrating a further two premierships this year with the Under 16 Girls and Under 14 Boys. Both Woody and Maria Gagic were rapt to be united again with the junior cups plus the two senior cups!

Allstate have been a long time GOLD sponsor of our club and we can’t thank Woody enough for his sponsorship and leadership within the club.

Thanks again Woody and the team at Allstate and we look forward in continuing our partnership in 2024!

New Training Merchandise

Our last pre-Christmas training for our Senior Men and Women’s Squads is on Wednesday night from 6:00 – 7:30pm at Tormore Reserve and we’ll be launching some new training merch with a launch night sale!

We’ve got new designs based on feedback from our survey at the end of the season – with a special deal if you order on launch night.

Launch Night Sale – Save $10!

Combo – Singlet & Shorts – only $60 (normally $70)

  • Unisex Training Singlet – $35
  • Women’s Training Singlet – $35
  • Junior Training Singlet – $35
  • Unisex Training Shorts – $35
  • Junior Training Shorts – $35
  • After launch night, regular orders can be made via our online store.

Boronia Hawks RESERVES PREMIERSHIP SCOREBOARD – presented by Allstate Refrigeration Services

2019 Reserves Premiership Team

Boronia 7.13 55 d Mitcham 4.9 33

Goals: Sean Bramstedt 2, Lachie Watson 2, Tom Dodd 1, Luke Leeson 1, Zack Brasher 1.
Best Players: Nathan Allen, Brayden Leigh Bowes, Luke Leeson, Sean Bramstedt, Brayden Wright, Lachie Watson.

Team Selections for 10 August 2019


Boronia Hawks Senior Men’s Squad v The Basin at 2:10pm at Tormore Reserve – presented by Choices Flooring

11 J. Lake 19 B. McAlpine 13 J. Mellis 23 J. Collins 7 C. Burgess 27 L. Leeson 24 J. Hare 15 H. Chinn 17 L. McKernan 38 F. Duke 8 J. Hannon 52 B. Robertson 36 J. Rutherford 42 B. Rapisarda 37 R. White 29 J. Godwin 21 N. Hare 1 R. Henderson 34 J. Millen 47 T. Steele 2 L. Hannon 16 M. Buzinskas.

IN: Lake, Chinn, Rutherford, Millen.  OUT: Delrayne, Fairchild, Mason, Robinson.

Boronia Hawks Women’s Squad v Blackburn at 8:20am SATURDAY at Tormore Reserve – presented by Knox Leisureworks

1 J. Buzinskas 17 D. Caiafa 2 A. Cellante 37 S. Coates 23 A. Davidson 4 T. Doran 29 T. Evans 14 S. Faull 42 B. Forrer-Lacey 27 L. Kabris 5 B. Kinniff 9 J. Lacey 6 P. Lacey 28 D. Langford 26 K. Little 18 Y. Mau 30 A. McKaige 11 K. McMahon 20 S. Mellis 32 E. Nicholas 7 A. Penny 39 J. Phillips 35 S. Ponton 55 C. Timms 38 C. Wright

IN: Cellante, Little, Nicholas.  OUT: Bortoli, K. Buzinskas, Peril.

Boronia Hawks Under 19’s Squad v The Basin at 10:00am at Tormore Reserve – presented by Dyson Currie Pty Ltd

3 B. Aughterson 33 M. Cavicchia 7 L. Parkins 12 T. Mellis 16 W. Morrison 10 N. Smith 17 C. Ng 31 Z. Prizmic 9 J. Price 14 J. Gardiner-Hoffman 24 L. Wright 22 H. Morris 26 M. Green 30 J. O’Neill 6 M. Storr 13 B. Anderson 5 H. Fewson 18 J. Delrayne 19 H. Coles 29 H. Rouse 27 K. Schmidtke

Boronia Hawks Development Squad v The Basin at 12:05pm at Tormore Reserve – presented by G.J. Gardner Homes Australia

74 Z. Brasher 71 P. Kinniff 31 D. Romano 5 S. Bell 9 J. Granland 62 T. Dodd 41 K. Milde 32 N. Watson 4 B. Castersen 78 S. Bramstedt 59 L. Watson 18 L. Hare 22 M. Geraghty 33 J. Mason 53 T. Dower 42 S. Yule 64 D. Dower 3 N. Allen 44 B. Bishop 51 Z. Dower 10 C. McDonald 50 J. Mueller 76 K. Notley 58 J. Purdon

Boronia Hawks are proud to be supported by Allstate Refrigeration Services.