Team Selections for 10 August 2019


Boronia Hawks Senior Men’s Squad v The Basin at 2:10pm at Tormore Reserve – presented by Choices Flooring

11 J. Lake 19 B. McAlpine 13 J. Mellis 23 J. Collins 7 C. Burgess 27 L. Leeson 24 J. Hare 15 H. Chinn 17 L. McKernan 38 F. Duke 8 J. Hannon 52 B. Robertson 36 J. Rutherford 42 B. Rapisarda 37 R. White 29 J. Godwin 21 N. Hare 1 R. Henderson 34 J. Millen 47 T. Steele 2 L. Hannon 16 M. Buzinskas.

IN: Lake, Chinn, Rutherford, Millen.  OUT: Delrayne, Fairchild, Mason, Robinson.

Boronia Hawks Women’s Squad v Blackburn at 8:20am SATURDAY at Tormore Reserve – presented by Knox Leisureworks

1 J. Buzinskas 17 D. Caiafa 2 A. Cellante 37 S. Coates 23 A. Davidson 4 T. Doran 29 T. Evans 14 S. Faull 42 B. Forrer-Lacey 27 L. Kabris 5 B. Kinniff 9 J. Lacey 6 P. Lacey 28 D. Langford 26 K. Little 18 Y. Mau 30 A. McKaige 11 K. McMahon 20 S. Mellis 32 E. Nicholas 7 A. Penny 39 J. Phillips 35 S. Ponton 55 C. Timms 38 C. Wright

IN: Cellante, Little, Nicholas.  OUT: Bortoli, K. Buzinskas, Peril.

Boronia Hawks Under 19’s Squad v The Basin at 10:00am at Tormore Reserve – presented by Dyson Currie Pty Ltd

3 B. Aughterson 33 M. Cavicchia 7 L. Parkins 12 T. Mellis 16 W. Morrison 10 N. Smith 17 C. Ng 31 Z. Prizmic 9 J. Price 14 J. Gardiner-Hoffman 24 L. Wright 22 H. Morris 26 M. Green 30 J. O’Neill 6 M. Storr 13 B. Anderson 5 H. Fewson 18 J. Delrayne 19 H. Coles 29 H. Rouse 27 K. Schmidtke

Boronia Hawks Development Squad v The Basin at 12:05pm at Tormore Reserve – presented by G.J. Gardner Homes Australia

74 Z. Brasher 71 P. Kinniff 31 D. Romano 5 S. Bell 9 J. Granland 62 T. Dodd 41 K. Milde 32 N. Watson 4 B. Castersen 78 S. Bramstedt 59 L. Watson 18 L. Hare 22 M. Geraghty 33 J. Mason 53 T. Dower 42 S. Yule 64 D. Dower 3 N. Allen 44 B. Bishop 51 Z. Dower 10 C. McDonald 50 J. Mueller 76 K. Notley 58 J. Purdon

Boronia Hawks are proud to be supported by Allstate Refrigeration Services.

2019 Senior Football Finals Schedule

Start sorting out your diary for August and September as we head towards EFL and ERWFL Finals!

In a nutshell, we have four weeks of Division 1 finals at Tormore Reserve; the senior men are aiming to compete in Division 2 finals at East Burwood; the senior women at Mulgrave; and the Veterans at Lilydale.

The Club has a proud record of hosting finals over many years.  This is made possible by two things: the superb facilities and playing surface of Tormore Reserve; and the fantastic support of our volunteers who run the match days so seamlessly.  We are now asking for volunteers to step forward and offer their help for this year’s final series.  

If you can help out in any way during the finals at Tormore please contact Greg Hannon on 0438 616 139, David Murrihy on 0418 542 337, Ellen Johnson for BBQ & Canteen on 0407 672 816 or Ellisa Schmidtke on 0417 593 884.

Things we need to to cover include:

  • traffic control and car parking;
  • car boot alcohol inspections at the gate;
  • canteen and kitchen assistants;
  • bar staff at two outside bar tents – must have RSA accreditation;
  • BBQ cooks and helpers for two / three BBQ tents;
  • delivering supplies to bars and BBQ’s.

** EFL passes for volunteers to gain no-cost admission to the ground will be available for collection from the Clubrooms after 7:00pm on Thursday nights during the finals.

Boronia Hawks Support EFL Silent Sunday.

Over the next two rounds, the Eastern Football League and Eastern Region Girls junior competitions will be launching a new initiative, ‘EFL Silent Sunday’. Some key objectives are:

  • Give players an opportunity to trust their skills and instincts without sideline input and/or correction.
  • Remind coaches, parents & players that PRACTICE is the time to learn and receive instruction. GAMES are to showcase their learning.
  • Remind everyone that junior football is solely for the kids and their enjoyment.
  • To support the umpires who are officiating the game and developing their skills


  • Clap and cheer after each score only (for both sides).
  • Encourage players and umpires.
  • Enjoy the game


  • Verbally abuse umpires.
  • Verbally attempt to correct or instruct umpire’s decision.
  • Verbally abuse players.
  • Verbally attempt to correct or instruct players.
  • Verbally abuse any opposition players, officials or supporters

Clubs also have the opportunity to opt-in with the two below extras; these however are not compulsory.

Quarter-time breaks
Clubs can opt to have no spectators on the ground during the quarter-time and three-quarter time breaks. This will help ensure the coaching/instructing messaging is coming from the coaching staff (please communicate with the opposition club’s team managers and announce on PA should your club wish to include this option).
PA announcements
Prior to the commencement of the game, those clubs with a working PA system can choose to deliver a message before each game (this has been communicated to clubs). Clubs may also utilise the PA at half time of games to remind spectators of the guidelines.


Boronia Juniors are proudly supported by Dan Bolton and Fletchers Mooroolbark.

Senior Captains Announced

The Football Department of Boronia Hawks announced our 2019 Captains and Leadership Groups at the Club’s Season Launch.  Congratulations to all appointees and very best of luck for the season ahead.

Senior Men’s Team

  • Captain: Lachlan McKernan – appointed for his 4th year as Senior Captain.
  • Vice Captain: Luke Hannon
  • Deputy Vice Captain: Ryan White
  • Deputy Vice Captain: Jake Godwin
  • Leadership Group: Ben Robertson
  • Leadership Group: Nathan Allen


Lachie McKernan


Development Squad

  • Captain: Dane Romano
  • Vice Captain: Chris McDonald



Under 19 Men’s Team

  • Co-Captain: Bailey Campbell
  • Co-Captain: Jake Mellis
  • Vice Captain: Liam Parkins
  • Vice Captain: Ben Anderson


Veteran Men’s Team

  • Captain: Chris Aaltonen
  • Vice Captain: Simon Lehman


Senior Women’s Team Leadership Group – captain to be announced for Round 1

  • Bec Allen
  • Kat Buzinskas
  • Dee Caiafa
  • Amanda Cellante
  • Karen Little
  • Sam Mellis
  • Courtney Storen
  • Candyce Wright



Senior Teams for 6th / 7th April

Knox Club_Long

Boronia Hawks Senior Men’s Squad v Mulgrave at 2:10pm Saturday at Tormore Reserve – Presented by Glenbrae Signs

1 R. Henderson 2 L. Hannon 3 N. Allen 7 C. Burgess 8 J. Hannon 11 J. Lake 12 D. Fairchild 16 M. Buzinskas 17 L. McKernan 19 B. McAlpine 23 J. Collins 24 J. Hare 29 J. Godwin 35 B. Bowes 36 J. Rutherford 37 R. White 38 F. Duke 39 Z. Robinson 41 K. Milde 52 B. Robertson 62 J. Mellis 64 D. Dower.

Senior Debut: Jack Hare, Fletcher Duke, Kane Milde, Jake Mellis.

Club Debut: Jack Hare


Boronia Hawks Development Squad v Mulgrave at 12:05pm Saturday at Tormore Reserve – Presented by McDonald’s

5 S. Bell 9 J. Granland 10 C. McDonald 20 S. Nicholas 22 M. Geraghty 27 L. Leeson 28 J. Rambaldo 30 J. Neville 31 D. Romano 32 N. Watson 33 J. Mason 40 B. Wright 44 B. Bishop 47 T. Dower 48 J. Lech 49 M. Goldsack 50 J. Mueller 51 Z. Dower 53 S. Yule 56 R. Kennedy 58 J. Purdon 73 R. Migues 74 Z. Brasher 76 K. Notley.

Club Debut: Jeremy Mason, Simon Yule.


Boronia Hawks Under 19’s Squad v Mulgrave at 10:00am Saturday at Tormore Reserve – Presented by Lipari Pizza

1 B. Campbell 2 R. Williams 4 C. Eccles 5 H. Fewson 6 M. Storr 7 L. Parkins 8 J. Rule 10 N. Smith 11 J. Price 12 T. Mellis 13 B. Anderson 16 W. Morrison 17 C. Ng 18 J. Delrayne 19 H. Coles 21 N. Hare 22 Z. Prizmic 26 M. Green 28 L. Pickard 29 H. Rouse 30 J. O’Neill 31 B. Aughterson.

Club Debuts: Jack Rule, Nick Smith, Hayden Coles, Zac Prizmic.


Boronia Hawks Senior Women’s Squad Practice Match v Lynbrook at 2:00pm SUNDAY at Chandler Park – Presented by Knox Club

J. Bortoli, J. Buzinskas, K. Buzinskas, D. Caiafa, A. Cellante, A. Davidson,  T. Doran, T. Evans, S. Faull, B. Forrer-Lacey, Y. Jeffries, J. Lacey, D. Langford, K. Little, A. McKaige, K. McMahon, S. Mellis, E. Nicholas, A. Penny, S. Peril, J. Phillips, S. Ponton, C. Storen, D. Thomas, C. Timms, C. Wright.



EFL Club Development Day

Many thanks to our Club members who who attended last Sunday’s EFL Development Day at Deakin University.  In particular, we would like to express our thanks, and admiration, to our very own Elle Dow, the AFL Victoria Development Manager for Eastern Region, who organised the event.

Elle Dow from Boronia Hawks Women's Football.
Elle Dow from Boronia Hawks Women’s Football.


Karen Little, our Director of Community & Inclusion  was very impressed with the day.  Here are some of her thoughts. “The EFL Club Development morning was a great opportunity to network and learn. With three parallel sessions there were a diverse range of speakers and topics including finance, conflict resolution, applying for grants and how to manage Team App. For me, the highlight of the day was a presentation by Jackson Taylor from AFL Victoria on engaging diversity in our community. Goy Lok spoke about the barriers and challenges of joining a local footy club after arriving in Australia as a refugee and his successes to date. A reminder that a football club is so much more than the game of football. Congratulations to Elle Dow and team for organising such a great program”.

Karen Little from Boronia Hawks Women's Football.
Karen Little from Boronia Hawks Women’s Football.


It was a great sign for Boronia Hawks that four of our women’s footballers attended this afternoon’s EFL Female Development Day, also organised by Elle.  Here are Candyce Wright’s thoughts on the success of the day. “This afternoon showed me the importance of having powerful and inspiring women as a part of a sporting community!  It doesn’t matter your background or skill; it’s the heart and soft touches that we bring to the Club that will encourage people from different cultures, diversity and limitations to come and feel the support we all feel, on and off the field”.  Terrific words Candyce!  Thank you to Elle, Candyce, Karen, Dee and Kat for attending today.

Elle Dow, Candyce Wright, Karen Little, Dee Caifa and Kat Buzinskas from Boronia Hawks Womens Football.
Elle Dow, Candyce Wright, Karen Little, Dee Caifa and Kat Buzinskas from Boronia Hawks Womens Football.

Harvey Chinn and the Boronia Hawks Junior Pathway

Harvey Chinn from Boronia Hawks has recently been selected for Port Melbourne Football Club’s VFL List for the 2019 season.  This is a great reward for Harvey as it recognises the amount of hard work and dedication that he has put in to his football over the past seven years since he joined Boronia as a junior player.  It also demonstrates the ability of Boronia Hawks to nurture and develop young talent in a high performance environment with a great club culture.


Harvey was identified early in his career as a standout player and the Hawks worked with Harvey, and father Stu, to fast track his growth as a footballer through the under age ranks.

Harvey moved up to the Club’s Hawk Squad Development Program in 2016, under the guidance of leading youth coach Craig McKenzie.  Harvey played Under 19’s as a 16 year old that year, and quickly showed his talent, strength and maturity.   Selection in the Hawk’s senior side soon followed in 2017 although he spent most of 2017 and 2018 with Eastern Ranges in the TAC Cup.


Together with current Eastern Ranges Best and Fairest winner, Mitch Mellis, Harvey is a great example of how Boronia can develop young talent and give them a great opportunity to go through to elite football.  Our outstanding coaching panel and fantastic facilities at Tormore Reserve, will bring out the best in young footballers.


Read Toby Prime’s article about Harvey, featuring interviews with Matt Clark and Gary Ayres, by following this link to Leader Local Footy.

All enquiries from players interested in joining our football program are very welcome.

Senior Coach:  Matt Clark 0402 147 518?

Football Manager: Ash Johnston 0433 365 286?

Hawk Squad Coach for Under 17’s & Under 19’s: Craig McKenzie 0413 329 790




Under 16 Girls Footy with Boronia Hawks!

Players interested, or already registered, with our new Under 16’s Girls Team are invited along for a training run with our women’s footy team on Tuesday 4 December at Boronia K-12.

Please come along for a kick, or just to have a look and learn a bit more about the fabulous game of footy for girls!

No experience necessary!  All skills, sizes and abilities always have a place in a footy team! You will love it!

2019 U16 Girls Info