Coaching Announcement: Craig McKenzie

Boronia Hawks Football Netball Club is pleased to announce that Craig “Fletch” McKenzie has once again accepted the dual role as Coach of our Under 17 and Under 19 Squads for 2019.
Fletch’s undoubted talent to develop and mentor young players makes him the ideal person to continue to grow our already successful “One Club” approach and to provide a smooth transition for players as they move from juniors to senior football.

The Club is progressing well with interviews for other junior coaching positions and announcements on the successful candidates will be made in the near future.

Here is a summary of the legacy that Craig has already built at the Club:
~ started playing at Boronia in 2000;
~ first year coaching at Boronia in 2001;
~ played 165 games for Boronia;
~ EFL Team of the Year in 2007;
~ Senior Grand Final in 2007;
~ Top 5 in the B&F five times;
~ Boronia Football Club Team of the Decade nominee for 2000 to 2009;
~ Reserves Premiership 2012; 
~ Coached every age group from Under 12’s to U19’s and Reserves;
~ Senior Assistant Coach (spanning across the past 17 years);
~ ERCA Development Coach of the Year 2015;
~ ERCA Youth Coach of the Year Nominee 2017;
~ Grand Finalists 7 times;
~ 2018 U19’s Premiership Coach;
~ BFC “Best Clubman” 2013.

Please join us in congratulating Fletch on his reappointment.
Kristan Wood,

2018 Seniors Premiership

Qualifying Final: Scoresby 14.7 91 d Boronia 6.6 42

Goal Kickers: B. Bowes, M. Buzinskas, J. Collins, Z. Robinson, L. Hannon, R. White
Best Players: J. Lake, H. Burgess, R. White, A. Phillips, L. Hannon, J. Bolton

Semi Final 1: Boronia 9.10 64 d Heathmont 4.12 36

Goal Kickers: Z. Robinson 3, L. Watson 2, B. Robertson 2, B. Bowes, H. Chinn
Best Players: J. Godwin, J. Bolton, L. McKernan, L. Hannon, B. Robertson, R. Henderson

Preliminary Final: Boronia 10.13 73 d Scoresby 4.8 32

Goal Kickers: L. Watson 3, B. Bowes, J. Hannon, B. Robertson, L. Hannon, Z. Robinson, R. White, D. Fairchild
Best Players: L. Hannon, H. Burgess, J. Bolton, R. Henderson, L. McKernan, J. Collins

GRAND FINAL:  Boronia 10.16 76 d Ringwood 8.12 60

Goal Kickers: L. Hannon 2, L. Watson 2, H. Chinn, B. Rapisarda, B. Robertson, J. Hannon, R. Henderson, A. Phillips
Best Players: L. Hannon, R. Henderson, D. Fairchild, H. Chinn, H. Burgess, B. Robertson.

2018 Development Squad Premiership

Elimination Final:  Boronia 8.6 54 d The Basin 3.7 25

Goal Kickers: J. Paterson 3, R. Warren, L. Johnson, J. Purdon, N. Heuston, S. Goldsack
Best Players: J. Granland, D. Romano, R. Miller, K. Milde, N. Heuston, C. McDonald.

Semi Final 1: Boronia 8.4 52 d Ferntree Gully 6.7 43

Goal Kickers: R. Warren 2, Z. Brasher, C. McDonald, N. Heuston, B. Wright, J. Paterson, M. Geraghty
Best Players: N. Carrodus, R. Miller, M. Bruce, R. Warren, D. Romano, N. Heuston.

Preliminary Final: Boronia 11.4 70 d Heathmont 3.6 24

Goal Kickers: C. Burgess 4, M. Smith 2, B. Castersen, M. Geraghty, N. Heuston, R. Warren, L. Leeson
Best Players: C. Burgess, L. Johnson, M. Geraghty, Z. Dower, B. Castersen, C. McDonald.

GRAND FINAL: Boronia 7.3 45 d Scoresby 3.7 25

Goal Kickers: J. Paterson 2, B. Wright 2, R. Miller, C. Burgess, N. Heuston
Best Players: N. Heuston, C. Burgess, B. Castersen, N. Carrodus, M. Geraghty, N. Allen.

2018 Under 19’s Premiership

Qualifying Final Waverley Blues 12.11 83 d Boronia 7.7 49

Goal Kickers: B. Campbell 2, T. Griffiths, J. Mellis, J. Baker, N. Hare, K. Notley
Best Players: T. Griffiths, L. Slater, N. Hare, J. Mellis, B. Anderson.

Semi Final 1: Boronia 10.10 70 d Templestowe 5.7 37

Goal Kickers: T. Dower 2, F. Duke 2, M. Storr, H. Fewson, J. Baker, L. Wright, L. Fletcher, J. Mellis
Best Players: J. Mellis, M. Storr, T. Mellis, J. Baker, L. Wright, N. Hare.

Preliminary Final:  Boronia 9.6 60 d Heathmont 7.15 57

Goal Kickers: T. Dower 4, H. Fewson 2, B. Campbell, J. Lech, C. Dunkinson
Best Players: B. Anderson, F. Duke, M. Storr, N. Hare, J. Lech, T. Dower.

GRAND FINAL: Boronia 7.7 49 d Waverley Blues 6.8 44

Goal Kickers: J. Baker 2, M. Storr, B. Anderson, L. Slater, L. Wright, J. Lech
Best Players: N. Hare, J. Mellis, J. Baker, F. Duke, B. Anderson, J. Gardiner-Hoffman

Hawker Talk – Junior Newsletter and 2019 Registration Forms

Please click on the link below to read the final “Hawker Talk Newsletter for 2018 which includes everything you need to know to register for Auskick and Junior Footy in 2019.

“Hawker Talk” Junior Newsletter

Team Selections for the Triple Header Grand Final Day – Sunday 16 September 2018

Seniors Squad for the GRAND FINAL against Ringwood at 2:20pm on SUNDAY at East Burwood Reserve – presented by Knox Club

1 R. Henderson 2 L. Hannon 6 A. Phillips 8 J. Hannon 11 J. Lake 12 D. Fairchild 14 J. Bolton 15 H. Chinn 16 M. Buzinskas 17 L. McKernan 19 B. McAlpine 23 J. Collins 25 B. Bowes 29 J. Godwin 36 J. Rutherford 37 R. White 39 Z. Robinson 42 B. Rapisarda 45 H. Burgess 47 T. Steele 52 B. Robertson 59 L. Watson.

Development Squad for the GRAND FINAL against Scoresby at 11:55am on SUNDAY at East Burwood Reserve – presented by Alchester IGA

3 N. Allen 74 Z. Brasher 60 M. Bruce 7 C. Burgess 70 N. Carrodus 4 B. Castersen 61 J. Collins 64 D. Dower 51 Z. Dower 22 M. Geraghty 9 J. Granland 21 N. Heuston 32 L. Johnson 27 L. Leeson 10 C. McDonald 73 R. Migues 42 K. Milde 33 R. Miller 30 J. Paterson 31 D. Romano 15 D. Ruff 67 M. Smith 24 R. Warren 40 B. Wright.

U19’s Squad for the GRAND FINAL against Waverley Blues at 9:30am on SUNDAY at East Burwood Reserve – presented by Knox Leisureworks YMCA

13 B. Anderson 22 J. Baker 4 B. Campbell 80 T. Dower 1 F. Duke 20 C. Dunkinson 5 H. Fewson 79 S. Fung 14 J. Gardiner-Hoffman 7 T. Griffiths 18 N. Hare 10 J. Lech 19 J. McDonald 9 J. Mellis 12 T. Mellis 16 W. Morrison 26 J. Mueller 76 K. Notley 17 J. O’Neill 23 L. Parkins 21 L. Slater 6 M. Storr 2 R. Williams 24 L. Wright.


From the President

Very proud to be part of Boronia Hawks Football Netball Club today with three teams booking their place in the Grand Final.  Well done to all the boys, the coaching and support staff.  Well done to the volunteers who put all the pieces in place behind the scenes.

So often local football clubs are measured by winning premierships but the feeling amongst the Hawka faithful today after those wins showed how succesful this club already is.  This week is for everyone who’s put in the hard work over the years so our boys (and girls) can go out and have a kick.

We’re one club and we are all in this together. Win, lose or draw next week I’m so proud of this club and everyone associated with it. GO HAWKA.

Scott Nicholas, Senior President, Boronia Hawks Football Netball Club

3 Preliminary Finals for 3 Wins: a great day for the Hawks.

Seniors FINALS SCOREBOARD – presented by Knox Club

Boronia 10.13 73 d Scoresby 4.8 32

Goals: Lachie Watson 3, Luke Hannon 1, Josh Hannon 1, Damon Fairchild 1, Brayden Bowes 1, Ryan White 1, Zak Robinson 1, Ben Robertson 1.
Best Players: Luke Hannon, Harry Burgess, Jess Bolton, Ryan Henderson, Lachie McKernan, Jayden Collins.

D Squad FINALS SCOREBOARD – presented by Alchester IGA

Boronia 11.8 74 d Heathmont 3.6 24
Goals: Corey Burgess 4, Michael Smith 2, Brett Castersen 1, Nick Heuston 1, Matt Geraghty 1, Ryan Warren 1, Luke Leeson 1.
Best Players: Corey Burgess, Luke Johnson, Matt Geraghty, Zac Dower, Brett Castersen, Chris McDonald.

U19’s FINALS SCOREBOARD – presented by Knox Leisureworks YMCA

Boronia 9.6 60 d Heathmont 7.15 57
Goals: Tyler Dower 4, Harry Fewson 2, Bailey Campbell 1, Cooper Dunkinson 1, Jackson Lech 1.
Best Players: Ben Anderson, Fletcher Duke, Mason Storr, Nathan Hare, Jackson Lech, Tyler Dower.