Calling for Finals Volunteers Please!

Boronia Hawks will once again be hosting the Bendigo Bank 2nd Division Finals Series at Tormore Reserve in September.

The Club has a proud record of hosting finals over many years.  This is made possible by two things: the superb facilities and playing surface of Tormore Reserve; and the fantastic support of our volunteers who run the match days so seamlessly.  We are now asking for volunteers to step forward and offer their help for this year’s final series.  

If you can help out in any way on any day, please contact Scott Nicholas, Senior President on 0403 238 494 or

Things we need to to cover include:

  • traffic control and car parking;
  • car boot alcohol inspections at the gate;
  • canteen and kitchen assistants;
  • bar staff at two outside bar tents – must have RSA accreditation please;
  • BBQ cooks and helpers for two / three BBQ tents;
  • delivering supplies to bars and BBQ’s.

** EFL passes for volunteers to gain no-cost admission to the ground will be available for collection from the clubrooms after 7:00pm on Thursday nights.

Dates for Division 2 Finals Series


  • Saturday 1st September: Semi Final 2 
  • Sunday 2nd September:  Semi Final 1 
  • Saturday September 8th: Preliminary Final 
  • Saturday 15th September: Division 2 GRAND FINAL