New Football Manager

Boronia Hawks Football Netball Club is very pleased to announce that ANDREW WRIGHT will take up the role of Football Manager for the Senior Men’s Squad in 2022.

Wrighty will work closely with ASHLEY JOHNSTON who will continue his key role as Football Director, with special responsibility for Club Development.

Please join us all in congratulating Wrighty on his appointment, for which he is extremely well qualified.

New Defibrillator for Miller Park

In the event of a cardiac arrest, early access to a working defibrillator significantly increases the chance of survival, with the likelihood of a positive outcome reduced by 7-10% every minute defibrillation is delayed.

The defibrillator at Millers was no longer serviceable and in no condition to save lives. We gratefully acknowledge Knox City Council for a grant from the Minor Grant Program that has allowed the purchase of a new unit. Thank you to Tanya Parkins and Kristan Wood who identified this need and are still keeping a check on our facilities even when we’re not able to play football.

Thanks also to Karen Little and Kerryn Westcott for always assisting the Club with our Grants Program.

Joint Statement from Boronia Hawks Football Netball Club and Boronia Cricket Club

Last night Knox City Council met to determine whether to accept the $120,000 funding from the State Government to start work on planning for a new pavilion at Tormore Reserve – something which is already on their long term plan. Council sadly voted to say ‘No’ and knocked back this funding due to capacity.

Given the State Government had originally offered $60,000 for planning and then based on advice from Council, offered a further $60,000 to allow for an extra resource, we were hopeful this created the capacity that the project needed.

There’s no denying it, this is a disappointing result for both clubs.

The clubs are of course appreciative of Council’s consideration of the matter and whilst we don’t fully agree with the decision, we accept it. We will continue to work closely with the Council to raise a better understanding of our pending OH&S issues that need to be addressed as part of their priority system. The review on our facilities which is publically online is 5 years old and both clubs have grown and changed dramatically since then.

This has been a long journey and one which doesn’t end after last night.We would like to thank Jackson Taylor MP for getting us this close. Jackson has taken the time to understand the issues we face first hand by attending training sessions, games and functions. He secured this funding to help fix our issues and while we didn’t think at the time it would, or could, be knocked back, we know he won’t stop advocating for us either. We are glad that he understands the importance of this and what it means to Boronia.

We’re also very grateful to Yvonne Allred – Councillor for Baird Ward for her support of the project last night at the meeting. We look forward to continuing to work with her.

It’s clear something needs to be done in the short term for a bespoke facility to ensure women’s participation at Tormore Reserve can continue to grow and that girls and women can feel comfortable and have the facilities they deserve. This will require Council capacity and money.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to the EFNL, Cricket Victoria and AFL Victoria – who all backed this in, and we look forward to continuing to work with all of you.

Important Clubrooms Update

We are delighted to let our many members and supporters know that AFL Victoria has now joined Eastern Football Netball League and Cricket Victoria in lending their support to our clubrooms development proposal for Boronia Cricket Club and Boronia Hawks Football Netball Club.

We are not asking Knox City Council to allow us to jump the queue. We know that there are many community groups in the district that also desperately need Council’s support to upgrade their facilities. We ask Council to recognise that the Victorian Government has provided funding to allow council to immediately resource the development of our club rooms proposal.

We extend our thanks to the councillors who have taken the time to write back to our supporters and their representations. Finally, we wish to thank our local state member, Jackson Taylor MP for his hard work on behalf of the Boronia community.

A Joint Statement from Boronia Hawks Football Netball Club and Boronia Cricket Club

As part of the Boronia Revitalisation Plan we are delighted to see $120,000 has been allocated and approved towards the planning of a much needed new clubroom at Tormore Reserve.

As all of us in Boronia know, Tormore Reserve is seen as one of the premier grounds for both Football & Cricket in the eastern suburbs. With the further enhancements made by the Knox City Council on landscaping, the clubroom is the last piece of the puzzle, which has been operating at capacity for 10 years now.

Sporting clubs are the heartbeat of the community being a much needed mental health outlet for players and spectators from 6 year olds to 90+. Over the past few years our clubs have seen a sharp increase in growth via our women’s programs which further puts strain on the aging facility. A male orientated change room with one cubicle is no longer fit for purpose to cater for teams of 20 plus women.

We look forward to a favourable result when the council considers this funding at their meeting on Monday.

From Jackson Taylor MP

I’ll get straight to the point (this is a long one, but worth the read). The State Government have offered Knox Council $120,000 to begin early planning work on a new state-of-the-art sporting pavilion and to create a new home that will better allow community use at Tormore Reserve. 

?How’s this all come about? 
Good question. Here are the details: 

The redevelopment of Tormore Reserve has been talked about for some time. In fact, when I was a Councillor from 2016-2018 it was on the agenda then. 

Since then, the Council have prioritised work within the Boronia CBD via their ‘Boronia Renewal’ strategy and I’m proud since that time that the Andrews Labor Government established the Boronia Revitalisation Board of which I’m proud to be the Chair working with fellow board members who are leaders in the community, including Council. 

As you know, I’ve been stoked to help secure nearly $3 million to help back in Boronia and bring change across the CBD – a fantastic start! 

There’s been plenty of announcements and the way this happens is the board provides a

recommendation to the Minister who then makes the determination to sign off on the recommendation or not. 

So, at the last meeting of the board I put forward the proposal for $120,000 to start early planning work at Tormore Reserve – something unanimously supported by board members. 

And the Minister has since signed off on the funding and as such the $120,000 is there to be used to do this work. 

?Why is this project important? 

This project is a priority of Council’s in terms of the work we’re doing as part of revitalising Boronia and its planning is actually scheduled to happen anyway in 23/24 at a cost of $60,000 (we are now well into 21/22). 

The funding was recommended by the board in full acknowledgement and understanding of Council prioritising this work in 23/24. Given the needs of Boronia and the opportunity 

which exists at current, the Board determined there existed a great opportunity to start this work now – with no formal contribution from Council via funding from the revitalisation work. 

Understanding Council’s concerns raised regarding resources and timing, allowances were provided in conversation between the Department and Council as well as the uplift in funding of $120,000 (at the suggestion of Council as opposed to the $60,000 originally planned) to help acquit the potential project by bringing in a project worker. 

So, the $120,000 is essentially the State Government providing funding for that work to be brought forward to allow this to happen in tandem with other priorities. 

And you’ve got two great local clubs based there in the Boronia Hawks Football Netball ClubBoronia Hawks Football Netball Club – Junior (which has one of the largest membership bases going around) and the Boronia Cricket Club, one of only two turf clubs out our way. And it’s no secret, there’s been a lot of great work at Tormore to acquit the masterplan. Council have done a great job but there’s more to do. 

The pavilion is no longer fit for purpose and the proposal is to simply start the early planning work of which funding is being offered to lessen the impact on Council staff – and your rates. And the planning work Knox intends on doing in 2 years, to start the work on replacing a facility that is not geared up for female participation.

?So, what’s the go with Council and where’s this gonna land? 

Good question! I don’t know. At this stage, Knox Councillors have a report to consider at a meeting on this coming Monday, 23 August at 7pm (link in comments to same and how to watch the meeting) which recommends not taking the opportunity for funding.

Put simply in essence Council officers are recommending not to take funding for something they will do in 2 years’ time. 

I take their point regarding resourcing and not putting other projects on hold, as there’s other things that need to get done as well. 

That’s why the conversations which took place resulted in extra funding of $60,000 (which is what Council suggested – they provided the figure of $120,000) and would mean most of this work could be outsourced or employed for this project alone. I take the point that it would still require some liaising with other Council staff, but if funding is available, would it not be worth that? 

There’s commentary in there about the proposal being for ‘a community hub’ and therefore being much more complex. The language used does not reflect what’s been explained and what funding would be provided for. I’ve also provided further correspondence to Council to clear this up too. 

As we know, sporting clubs are in essence community hubs in their own right. But this would first and foremost be a bespoke sporting pavilion, ensuring it’s fit for purpose for men and women, of all ages, but will also be done in a way to ensure it can be better utilised by community as any new sporting pavilion does. 

There is no intention of this becoming a formal ‘Community Hub’ nor to replace the potential of a future hub within the heart of the CBD. 

A future ‘community hub’ should be located in the heart of the CBD.

This is about starting work on what is already a priority of Council within the short-medium term and doing it as part of work we’re doing across Boronia. 

?What’s next? 

Council are meeting on Monday 23 August at 7pm – to determine whether or not they will take $120,000 of funding from the State Government. At current, they’re being recommended to vote against the proposal. 

In the same meeting Council are also considering the biggest change to Boronia in a generation regarding its requested planning outcomes which is an exciting piece of work. 

And given the Board’s recent funding to Council for the ‘Green Spine Corridor’ concept plans, linking Tormore Reserve and Chandler Reserve, I would ask that Council consider the Tormore Reserve work in the same light; as an opportunity for a partnership with the Government on our agreed aim of renewing, revitalising and reactivating Boronia.

That is an acknowledgement of the importance of this precinct. The board exists based on prioritisation from the Council and the State Government agreeing to back this work in – lets continue to get on with it. 

Undertaking this early planning work now will also enable Council to be ready to take advantage of further funding opportunities from the Victorian Government as they become available. Which I stand ready and willing to absolutely go into bat for. 

What I respectfully ask of Councillors is for them to vote in support of starting this work now with the State funding provided. 

The work we are doing in Boronia is crucial and this is part of that work to improve community amenities and facilities. 

I want to conclude by acknowledging in any great partnership a degree of flexibility at junctures like this is important.

I do also think it is important to thank Knox Council for this partnership to date to deliver for our local community. We continue to get things done in Boronia – something I know both parties are very proud of.

I ask for comments on this post and any to Knox Councillors to be respectful. They do plenty of work and I know like myself we’re all here to get the best for our community. I wish them well in their decision making and hope they’ll be able to help this prioritised project get underway.