Triple Premiership Reunion

Boronia Football Club are holding a Past Players’ Day on 1 July and celebrating a 40 year reunion of their 1977 Triple Premierships – Seniors, Reserves and Under 17s. We have lost contact with some of our Reserves and Under 17 players – if anyone can assist in tracking them down and connecting us via Facebook, that would be greatly appreciated.

Missing reserves players – Andy Bassett, Phil Heppner, Rob Heppner, Mark Rundle and Stuey Speers.

Missing Under 17s players – Paul Maguire, John Formosa, Stephen Page, Stephen Barnard, Jeff Letson, Peter Vernon and Greg Clay.

Any queries can be directed to David Murrihy 0418 542 337

1977 Reserves Premiers.
1977 U17’s Premiers.