Thank you to Knox City Council: TDS Advanced Club Management

Boronia Hawks are very grateful to Knox City Council for all the co-operation and assistance they provide to help us to run an effective and welcoming community club for the people of Boronia.  On this occasion, we wish to acknowledge Council’s generous assistance in the Club’s implementation of the Terry Dillon Solutions Advanced Club Management package.  The TDS implementation has been supported by a grant from the Knox City Council Minor Grants Program.


What is TDS?
“Terry Dillon Solutions is the A-Z of running your community club. The package has been designed to support all community clubs and not-for-profit organisations. More than 160+ short videos and an online ‘filing cabinet’ full of spreadsheets, document templates and more information to guide you on all key areas of club operations. Plus, you can contact TDS by phone or email for further support!”
“It doesn’t matter whether your club needs a full rebuild or just wants to go to the next level, Terry Dillon Solutions shows you and your fellow executives how to be effective committee members. The program covers proven ways of maximising revenue for your club, how to deal with the demands of managing human resources and, importantly, establishing the strong governance and financial structures that will underpin sustained success for your community club.”