Team Selections for 10th to 12th May

Boronia Hawks is promoting awareness of Mental Health in the community over this weekend.  We are supporting LOVE ME LOVE YOU, a non-profit organisation that strives to empower and build resilience in young adults so that they may overcome the stigma surrounding mental health and other life hardships.


EFL Netball ROUND 2 FRIDAY NIGHT presented by G.J. Gardner Homes Australia

Premier Division – Boronia Hawks v Heathmont Jets 7.40pm at Knox Regional: Carla Alexander, Madison Barrie, Mandy Bell, Ally Forrest, Leanne Fredericks, Georgia Himmelreich, Bec Mills.

Division 4 – Boronia Brown v Mitcham Yellow 8.20pm at Gloria Pyke, Dandenong: Amanda Cellante, Dani Kemp, Courtney Krenn, Bree Martin, Chloe Timms, Ebony Williams, Tessa Evans.

Boronia Hawks Under 19’s Squad v Scoresby at 10:00am Saturday at Scoresby Reserve – Presented by Lipari Pizza

1 B. Campbell 2 R. Williams 3 B. Aughterson 5 H. Fewson 6 M. Storr 7 L. Parkins 8 J. Rule 9 H. Morris 10 N. Smith 11 J. Price 12 T. Mellis 16 W. Morrison 17 C. Ng 18 J. Delrayne 19 M. Cavicchia 21 N. Hare 22 Z. Prizmic 24 L. Wright 26 M. Green 28 L. Pickard 29 H. Rouse 30 J. O’Neill.

Boronia Hawks Development Squad v Scoresby at 12:00pm Saturday at Scoresby Reserve – Presented by McDonald’s

3 N. Allen 4 B. Castersen 5 S. Bell 9 J. Granland 10 C. McDonald 18 L. Hare 22 M. Geraghty 27 L. Leeson 30 J. Neville 31 D. Romano 32 N. Watson 33 J. Mason 36 J. Rutherford 40 B. Wright 41 K. Milde 50 J. Mueller 51 Z. Dower 58 J. Purdon 64 D. Dower 71 P. Kinniff 73 R. Migues 74 Z. Brasher 76 K. Notley C. Dunster

Club Debut: a big welcome to Connor Dunster who joins the Hawks from Berwick.

IN: Rutherford, Milde, Z Dower, D Dower, Kinniff, Migues, Mueller, Notley, Dunster.

OUT: Bishop, Bolton, Goldsack, Kennedy, Nicholas, Rambaldo, Steele, L Watson, Yule.

Boronia Hawks Senior Men’s Squad v Scoresby at 2:10pm Saturday at Scoresby Reserve – Presented by Knox Club

1 R. Henderson 2 L. Hannon 8 J. Hannon 11 J. Lake 12 D. Fairchild 14 J. Bolton 15 H. Chinn 16 M. Buzinskas 17 L. McKernan 19 B. McAlpine 23 J. Collins 24 J. Hare 25 B. Bowes 29 J. Godwin 34 J. Millen 37 R. White 39 Z. Robinson 42 B. Rapisarda 47 T. Steele 52 B. Robertson 59 L. Watson 62 J. Mellis

IN: Bolton, Millen, Steele, L Watson.
OUT: D. Dower, Z Dower, Milde, Rutherford.

Boronia Hawks Senior Women’s Squad to play Ferntree Gully for the LOVE ME LOVE YOU CUP at 6:00pm on SATURDAY NIGHT at Wally Tew Reserve – presented by Love Me Love You

1 J. Buzinskas 4 T. Doran 5 B. Kinniff 6 P. Lacey 8 D. Thomas 9 J. Lacey 11 K. McMahon 12 C. Fay 14 S. Faull 15 K. Buzinskas 16 S. Peril 18 Y. Mau 19 C. Storen 22 D. Millott 23 A. Davidson 24 R. Crompton 26 K. Little 27 L. Kabris 28 D. Langford 29 T. Evans 35 S. Ponton 39 J. Phillips 37 S. Coates 40 J. Bortoli 55 C. Timms

IN: Evans, Faull, Fay, P. Lacey, Peril, Phillips, Timms.
OUT: Caiafa, Cellante, Forrer-Lacey, Mellis, Nicholas, Penny, Wright.


Veterans Squad to play Forest Hill at 2:45 Sunday at Forest Hill – presented by GK Travel & Cruise

21 C. Aaltonen 14 J. Bamford 6 S. Beaton 18 G. Bell 13 R. Bell 66 L. Burnett 2 M. Clinton 24 L. Cook 22 J. Cranfield 11 J. Davis 9 S. Fischer 5 D. Hanrahan 10 D. Hansby 7 M. James 16 C. Joy 15 C. Krenn 25 G. Krenn 20 S. Lehman 27 B. Notley 28 S. O’Reilly 4 C. Reid 42 M. Ryan 23 B. Stewart 12 B. Wiesner 34 K. Wood