New Video Scoreboard at Tormore Reserve.

It may have taken a lot longer than we initially planned, but Boronia Hawks are very proud to announce that our brand new full colour electronic video scoreboard has now been installed at Tormore Reserve.

The shutters come up on our new video scoreboard!  

Boronia Hawks are very grateful to Knox City Council for all they do to support football and netball for the Boronia community.  On this occasion, we wish to acknowledge Council’s generous assistance in the grant of funds of $40,000 for the purchase and installation of our new scoreboard.  This will be a tremendous asset for the Club for many years to come and will enable us to provide a far better game day presentation for our supporters and sponsors.

We also wish to thank Sandra Bell for her great work to make the successful submission for the grant on behalf of the Club.  Sandra was of course well supported in the submission by our Chairman, Kristan Wood.

A big thank you to our project team that have worked together to ensure the success of the tricky installation of the new panel into our existing scoreboard structure.  Former Treasurer Brian Nightingale was the key player throughout the whole process, along with Ash Johnston our Football Operations Manager.  They were assisted in the final installation by the crack team of Andrew Catley, Bill Notley, Hans Wennagel, Mark McAlpine, Rob Bell and Stu McDonald.  Many thanks to you all for giving up your time for this important project for the Club.

For the technically minded supporters, our sensational new video scoreboard from AusSport has the following features:

  • GameChanger scoring software for Aussie rules, and other sports as required including Cricket, Soccer, Union, League etc.
  • Ability to display all types of graphics, text & video
  • Player profiles and goal animations
  • Wireless data connection
  • FREE lifetime software updates to enable more features
  • The scoreboard can also do the following with additional hardware/software
    • Include video input such as DVD/Blu-ray players, set top box or live video feed connection
    • Video replay input device.