Resignation of Craig “Fletch McKenzie

The Senior Committee and Board of Boronia Hawks Football Netball Club would like to extend our best wishes to Fletch who has decided to accept a Director of Coaching role at another club for season 2021.

Fletch has made an outstanding contribution to the BHFNC over a very long period of time. I had the pleasure of coaching Fletch and as a player and he went on to play over 100 senior games for our club. As a player, he always gave 100%, and in his next role as a coach, he certainly continued on a pathway of growth and learning and gave our underage players tremendous support and coaching whilst in their formative years. Fletch was a coach in the true sense of the word. He was a role model, a mentor, and a friend to his players. He had their respect and he always pushed his players to become senior players of our club.

Fletch’s resume at Boronia is most impressive:

  • Under 18 assistant in 2001
  • Coached under 12 in 2003
  • Coached other junior teams from 2004 to 2007
  • Coached under 18 /19’s from 2010 to 2013
  • Coached reserves in 2014/15
  • Senior development coach in 2015
  • Coach of under 15’s in 2015
  • Coach of under 17’s from 2016 / 19
  • Coach of under 19’s from 2018 / 20
  • Made Grand Finals in 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2018 and PREMIERS 2018!
  • ERCA Development Coach of the Year 2015
  • BHFNC  Best Clubman 2013
  • Mick Spencer Award for Junior Volunteer of the Year 2018

This is one hell of a resume!!

Thank you for your great service Fletch, we wish you well, look forward to monitoring your progress at the mighty Dalyston!


Appointment of Veterans Coaches


Greg, who is fondly known around the club as “Lou” due to his uncanny resemblance of Lou Carpenter on Neighbours, has agreed to coach the Vet’s for 2021. A former barrel chested, power house on baller for Mitcham’s 1st Division side, Greg has formed a tight knit group of ageing veterans eager to taste September action again. Despite lucrative counter offers from other clubs we are delighted to secure the services of Greg for another year


Known as “Owie” to the playing group, Mark is a former 1st Division player for Boronia who was known for his prowess around goals. Owie’s ability to work the “whiteboard” makes for game changing interchange moves. Being the tactical brains of this dynamic duo, we look forward to seeing how the Vets fare in 2021.

Senior Coaching Roles for 2021 – announcement by Greg Hannon

Boronia Hawks Football Netball Club is pleased to announce the Senior Football Department roles for season 2021. We strongly believe our football department is the equal, if not better, than any in the league. The experience and knowledge of not just football, but of building solid relationships and having an awareness of player wellbeing is most evident in our 2021 BHFNC senior roles. We are still to fill our Netball Manager role but are hopeful that position will be filled before the end of this year. Other key roles in the football department will be announced in the very near future.

Our Club is proud to announce each person in our football department. They play a key role in ensuring the continued growth and success of our Club. They share and role model our Club values and their continued loyalty to our Club is much appreciated.


Matt is one of the most respected coaches in the EFNL. Matt has earned that respect by not just focussing on team success but on the welfare of each individual under his care. Matt’s compassion, his empathy, his drive and energy to push our list to be the best they can be makes our club most fortunate to have him steering our male football ship. We don’t take it for granted that Matt chooses to coach our club. Any club in the league would employ him tomorrow, but he enjoys being involved in our club and we are grateful to have him be a significant influence over our senior men’s playing list.

Steve’s experience, his level headedness and his football knowledge built over so many years of involvement at a local level makes him the perfect foil for Matt. The two men are close friends, they have coached together for many years now and complement each other. Teaks is an absolute asset to our club and we hope he has many more years of coaching involvement at the ‘Hawka.’

Drew has been a respected and admired senior assistant coach for many, many years. One of the most passionate and committed Boronia people I’ve ever met, having Drew involved in our seniors men’s program is like the sun coming up in the morning: it’s just supposed to happen!! Drew brings a wealth of football and club knowledge to the table and we are so grateful for his continued service to our club. LIfe Member and Club legend!

Ray and Scott have worked together to grow our senior women’s program over the last three seasons. Ray, a club great and Scott, a current senior player and Club Chairman, share a strong passion for growing and enhancing the women’s football program at our Club. Both men have built strong relationships with our female playing list and are always searching for opportunities to improve our women’s program. Ray and Scott have built a strong coaching relationship over the past three years and can’t wait to build on their foundations in 2021.


I was able to bring Brock to our club over a coffee in Ormond about 4 years ago. That proved to be one of our Club’s best coffees. Brock is now a HAWKA through and through! A Club sponsor, a dual premiership coach and a person that prides himself on building rock solid relationships with his players. He has the toughest gig at the club and he knows it! Craig treats his players with great love and respect and that absolutely goes both ways. I was fortunate to coach with him at Upwey and their loss has been our gain!


As far as the coaching staff goes, Greg is the newbie on the block. A passionate and dedicated coach, Greg is not afraid to think outside the box and bring fresh and innovative ideas to the coaching staff. The proud  father of Jordy, Greg works harmoniously with Brock and spends much time communicating with the players and trying to find 1%ers to improve our list.


Having Ash steering the recruiting and the management of our senior list and coaching staff has been an absolute blessing. Ash is a Boronia person, he is a relationship person and he aspires to make our Club create a backbone that will hold us in good stead for many years to come. Ash, a former senior player, a major sponsor of our Club, and now producing future father / son players, is the conduit between player / coaches and committee. He has been working his backside off resigning our player list for 2021 and I can’t wait to see our senior list in action next season. I have no doubt we can continue to compete and play deep into finals.


Nath, is a current senior men’s footballer, a former senior captain and one of the most respected people at our Club. Nathan, as Senior Vice President of our club will also now oversee the growth and development of our senior women’s program. Women’s football has been a major growth area of our Club and to have someone of the quality of Nathan overseeing this area of the Club will see women’s football continue to grow and ‘shine’ at our Club. Nathan’s wife, Bec, is also a current senior player so Nathan has an intimate knowledge of all challenges faced by our female playing list. Nathan will support our coaching staff and ensure our female players get every opportunity to improve their skills and enjoy playing the great game wearing a Boronia jumper.

Knox City Council Grant to Support Boronia Hawks

Boronia Hawks appreciates the generous support from Knox City Council and Cr Peter Lockwood during the Covid-19 pandemic. We have just received a $1,000 contribution to assist with our facility operating costs as part of Council’s COVID-19 Community and Business Support Package.

The Council has already waived all tenancy fees for the use of the facilities at Tormore and Millers, but we still have ongoing costs for our electricity and gas connections. This funding will assist the Club to manage our costs and remain in a sound financial position going in to 2021.

Development of Gender Equity Plan

A working group of sixteen Club members got together last night via Zoom to launch the development of the Club’s Gender Equity Action Plan. The people involved represented all aspects of the Club’s operations and each recognised the benefits that flow on from the effective and equitable participation and integration of girls and women across the Club.

Many thanks to Karen Little and Scott Nicholas for their work in drafting the action plan.

Thank you also to the members of our working group, including Amanda Cellante, Ash Johnson, Bec Allen, Ben Robertson, Candyce Wright, Carly Dymond, David Nicholas, Greg Hannon, Julia Bortoli, Kat McMahon, Kristan Wood, Nathan Allen, Rhianna Little, Samantha Dunkinson, Wayne Preston and Ye Jeffries.