Our Senior President, Greg “Flash” Hannon has a message for the club community at the mid-point of the season as we head into the June long weekend.

It’s hard to fathom that we are at the halfway point of the season already. What’s not hard to fathom is that our teams are having great success which is not only due to talent but also hard work from the Board, Committee, Coaches, and the army of Volunteers that continue to support our club! 

So – I wish to acknowledge and thank the following:

~ Our players are all just quality people and terrific ambassadors for our club! Keep supporting our functions and keep using your drive, energy, and initiatives to make our club grow and improve.

~ Our coaching staff are not just great coaches but they all build meaningful relationships with their players and care about the wellbeing of each individual at our club.

~ Our Incredible volunteers range from Committee Members to Board Members to the many that just give a little of their time to ensure our club can tick along nicely. Without our volunteers, we just don’t have a club so a huge thank you to you all!

~ To our Hawks Nest Coterie leadership, our Coterie members and to all our supportersthat give our club undivided support on and off the field.

~ Our loyal sponsors. Our sponsors give us the funding that we require to operate a successful club. Thank you to all of you!

~ To the families of our players. Your support behind the scenes often goes unnoticed. You feed, clean, and offer emotional support to your child, husband, wife, partner, parent and we thank you for that. I’m sure our players do!

Flash (Greg Hannon) – Senior Club President