Successful Volunteers Information Day

A very big thank you to everyone who was able to come along today for our Volunteers Information Day.  We had a great representation from the juniors and seniors and it is really encouraging to see our One Club coming together so well.

Thanks to Greg Hannon, Matt Clark and Steve Teakel for talking to the group and giving us an insight into their own backgrounds. They also talked about the great pathway they see at the Hawks in bringing our talented juniors through to senior football as One Club.

Thanks as always to Ellen Johnson for her catering and to Boronia Cricket Club for the use of the rooms during the off-season.

Some of the attendees at our Volunteers Information Day.

Left to Right: Harry Burgess, Carolyn Wood, Craig McKenzie, Nikki Alexander, Rob Bell, Mick Kimmitt, Matt Clark, Maria Magic, Stacey Peril, Bill Notley, Debbie Rouse, Andrea LeMarquand, Ellisa Schmidtke, Kay Kimmitt, Samantha Dunkinson, Kristan Wood, Cam Mellis, Brett Smith, Ellen Johnson, Greg Hannon, Neil Fogarty, Ash Johnston, Nathan Allen, Tim Currie, Scott Nicholas, Steve Teakel.