Senior Match Report for Round 10: Boronia v Donvale

The Round 10 clash against Donvale saw the Hawka boys get off to a flying start, with 4 straight clearances and goals within the first 7 minutes. Quick goals to Josh Hannon and Rappa were immediately backed up by Godwin and the skipper, LMac. Chompers, Rappa and Godwin found plenty of the ball early and looked to be a class above their opponents. The Hawka big men up forward played with purpose and wasted no time to assert their dominance, presenting well up the ground. They consistently dished the footy off to our runners, making the most of the forward 50 entries.  Noticeably, the team pressure acts and selfless blocks were right up, creating additional time for effective ball use.  On the few occasions the ball travelled up the other end, our reliable backs intercepted and switched the ball to allow quick entries back up the attacking end.  Donvale were forced to play a wide game and didn’t attack the corridor, resulting in several out of bounds on the full, whereas Boronia looked to attack the middle more often.  A fifth goal came at the hands of Brayden Bowes at the 15 minute, as Donvale were left scratching their heads.  Their first score eventually came as a behind just after the 19 minute mark. Insert Tyler Steele. The big man backed up Hendo’s early dominance and managed to kick a handy goal out of a forward contest just as 23 minutes had passed.  Donvale’s first clearance followed, but it was bottled up and stopped by some gutsy teamwork from Huey, Fairchild and Johnno.  Well into extra time and the rain started. Finally Donvale looked to score, but a sensational chase down tackle on the 50 by Hammer stopped their flow. At quarter time it was Boronia 6.1.37 to Donvale 0.1.1.

With all of the momentum and energy, the Hawker boys exited the huddle with a message of building on a positive first quarter effort.  The second started with a Donvale clearance, which was immediately intercepted by big Lakey.  The Hawka tackling pressure transferred into the second quarter and bottled up the ‘Vales’ movement. Our first scoring opportunity came at the 6 1/2 minute mark when Wrighty kicked the footy into the goal post under pressure.  A nasty knee to the middle of his back saw Josh Hannon’s day come to an end at the 8 minute mark. Then, as if on cue, his brother responded with an impressive goal.  The score flow drastically reduced from this point and it wasn’t until a missed banana attempt by Fairchild at the 23 minute mark did any real action kick in.  Donvale quickly responded by going end to end, kicking their first goal. The rain started to increase and at half time it was 7.7.49 to 1.3.9.
Returning after the main break, the rain had stopped but the surface was wet and that meant more defensive footy.  Besides an early behind to Donvale, there was no score until the 8 minute with a behind to Luke Hannon. After another missed opportunity to Tyler Steele, Donvale eventually kicked the first major of the quarter at the 11 1/2 minute mark. They immediately backed it up with another goal, just as the rain started again.  When the going gets tough, the tough get going and that’s exactly the approach our returning players took. Andy and Chinny stepped up their running game and Buzz won a heap of contested ball, but unfortunately missed two consecutive opportunities in front of goal.  Rappa also kicked a behind (from the boundary) and Donvale pounced on the opportunity to punish our mistakes just as 20 minutes ticked over on the clock.  After the early dominance in the game, the margin was now reduced to 25 points and a comeback wasn’t out of the question for Donvale.  Wrighty made a move into the ruck, which temporarily proved beneficial as he managed to crumb his own footy and feed it off to Fairchild who kicked a much needed goal at the 25 minute mark – the only Hawka goal for the quarter!
After some honesty from the coaches and inspiring words from the leaders, it was time to shift the momentum back in our favour. Hendo and Rappa combined for an early clearance to spot up Lakey who made the move forward.  He quickly followed with a long kick to the square, setting up Brayden Bowes, who got a free to kick the first within a minute.  Backing up immediately, Hendo gave first use to our kids and a handy clearance from LMac resulting in him spotting up Robbo. We’re back!  Some great pressure and movement from the likes of Harry, Hammer, Godwin and Bolts kept the ball forward.  Buzz got on the end of some great movement to kick his first major on the run.  Back that up with a goal to Lakey at the 9 minute mark and another to LMac from a forward 50 stoppage minutes later, it is safe to say that our class was yet again shining through.  Some excellent run from Huey to Chinny on the wing set big Robbo up for another opportunity, which was eventually rushed. It was at this moment that this supporter witnessed something for the first time. Bobby Henry and his analysis team almost wet themselves laughing as the Donvale player attempted to play on from a kick in but was a little overzealous with the kick and gave Boronia another behind. I guess pressure can cause all kinds of mishaps! Donvale’s continued to find it difficult to get the ball out of their back half, much to the delight of Luke Hannon who kicked another at the 17 minute mark. With a bit more hustle, Lakey’s strong last quarter performance was rewarded with another goal prior to the final siren. A handy 72 point victory in the end. 

Five points from the game:
• The versatility of our players hurts other teams;
• Effective rebound off half-back destroys opposition on Tormore;
• Strong starts and finishes to a game are vital, although the better teams won’t be so forgiving with lapses in the middle;
• “Strong inside, fast outside” is a theme that repeats itself when we play well;
• There is evidence of significant depth in the playing group.

@boroniahawks Seniors Scoreboard – presented by Knox Club

Boronia 14.17 101 d Donvale 4.5 29
Goal Kickers: B. Bowes 2, L. McKernan 2, J. Lake 2, L. Hannon 2, J. Hannon, M. Buzinskas, B. Rapisarda, D. Fairchild, J. Godwin, T. Steele
Best Players: J. Godwin, B. Bowes, J. Lake, L. McKernan, J. Bolton, H. Chinn