Message from the Senior President

Last night we had handover of the Tormore Reserve Club Rooms from the Boronia Cricket Club. Sadly, with no indication of when we will be able to fill those rooms with fit, keen and ready footballers, avid hawka supporters and keen members ready to view a great Hawka win, I left the rooms rather disenchanted!

Following on from Scott Nicholas’ fantastic Facebook ‘live feed’ last night, I want to assure all BHFNC people that our Club will survive this.

We will come out the other end prepared because we have the very best coaches in the EFNL and because our Club has an extremely strong backbone! That backbone is built on past players and life long supporters that have created a community of people that care deeply about the Club but more importantly, each other. Other clubs marvel at the BHFNC community. They just do not understand how so many past players keep supporting our Club because it just doesn’t happen at other clubs.   We will take a hit like every organization in the country, but when we get the green light to take off again, we will take off with fury!

Hawks Nest Coterie Group

Whilst we are in a forced recession, we are still operating behind the scenes to improve the Tormore facility. Only yesterday, a new concrete walking path was laid over the far side of the ground making it really accessible for supporters on game day. No more mud and slush on a wet winter’s game day! We will also be installing spectator seating in the coming weeks, on the far flank near the scoreboard too! We also have some other positive announcements to make in the coming weeks too! With a touch of luck, I’m quietly confident our facility will be the very best in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne within 5 years!

New pathway on the outer wing. Photo by Fabulous Phil Watson.

Finally, I ask all of you to keep a close eye out for each other in the coming weeks. Some of you will have lost your job, some of you will have businesses that are struggling through no fault of your own. Stay strong and reach out to us if you just need to talk. If we go into lockdown, not all supporters and players will have much company, so use your phone and social media platforms to keep those people we care about connected.

Greg Hannon, Senior President, Boronia Hawks