Inching closer to the starting line!

After two really crappy years of local football due to COVID-19, our club is ready to explode and give our supporters something they have been missing, community football and netball! It’s actually staggering the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to get the club to the starting line.

The work of the Board, the various Committees, Coaching Staff, and our band of dedicated volunteers is incredible! We have had Golf Day committees, 90th Birthday committees, Sponsorship and Membership committees, and Football Managers giving up their days to cover cricket pitches to allow practice matches to proceed and coaches cutting up old ovens so that a replacement can be fitted in. We have had camps at Phillip Island for Vets and Women and a full-day retreat at Eastern Ranges for our Men. We have had Boronia AusKick initiatives and the Hawks Nest Coterie Group recruiting new members. Our players have been training diligently and our training staff has given them great support.

We have had a new external toilet block installed with garden beds being upgraded too. We have 2 new exercise bikes going into the gym. We will soon have new nets behind the club room goals, we are having synthetic grass being installed at the player races, a brand new ice machine being installed next week, and a brand new industrial oven and fryers being installed this week!!!

So, in a nutshell, we’re ready!

Aspirationally, we want to keep building on the positive culture that we have at the club. This year in our male teams we have four father /sons each with two sons playing! That is a great result for Boronia. The Murrihy, Mellis, Collins and Hannon families all have their boys running around in brown and gold this season which is really special for our club! Fortunately, they are all so much better than their dads!!!

Everyone of you can do something small to support our club:

Super importantly, we have had the most amazing support of the Boronia Cricket Club!!   We have been given access to Tormore far earlier than ever before! The Cricket Club needs to be acknowledged for its support and generosity of spirit. In my day we were lucky to gain access by middle to late March but we have been on the ground since January!!!! Paul Noone and team, on behalf of our coaches and players, thank you all so much!

‘Go Hawka!’ and I hope to see you all down at the club over the next few weeks!

Greg Hannon, Senior President BHFNC