Women’s Health Session – Pelvic Health

The Women’s football squad will run a Pelvic Health session on Wednesday 23rd March, 7-8pm in the clubrooms at Tormore. All women of the Club would be invited (footballers, netballers, volunteers, members and the women in their families).

Poor pelvic health is a barrier for women to participate in sport and while it’s an issue that impacts many women, it’s not often spoken about.

We’ve engaged a Pelvic Health professional to run the session who is currently completing her PhD in poor pelvic health and the impact on women participating in community sport. Her presentation will be supported by Meg McKernan, who is a specialist obstetrics nurse. This was Meg’s initiative and one that will be of interest to many women in our Club community.

We are anticipating that this will be the first in a series of three Women’s Health sessions that will be run by the Women’s squad throughout the season.