Chair Person’s Annual Report

Another year filled with challenges, but the big difference was… we got to get out there and play some football and netball and watch our Hawks in action!

For some this provided an outlet and distraction, and some purpose where other areas of our lives were filled with challenges. For others this caused frustration, given the fact the year was still impacted and ultimately cut short, it tested our resilience and caused us to rethink how and why we do things. However, amongst all of these challenges, our club community again upheld it’s commitment to each other and the club by going above and beyond. In moments where we could come together and function as close to ‘normal’ as was possible, and in moments where we couldn’t, we remained supportive and positive and workedtirelessly to ensure the club continued to move forward… which we did.

Thank you to everyone across the club for their contributions on and off-field. Our Board and Committee Members, our volunteers, our coaches, trainers and game day support, our friends, family and former players, and our current players across all areas of the club. I’m continually inspired and proud of the selfless culture that is central to the way our club functions. Led over many years by the likes of Bob Henry, Ellen Johnson, Mick and Kay Kimmitt to name a few, and now continued by many more across the club. It’s part of our identity, and I’m pleased that that culture is only going from strength to strength.

There were a number of highlights across the season, which are contributing to the long-term opportunities ahead, and the completion of a number of items identified in our Strategic Plan 2020-22 with many more in progress;

  • In another disrupted season, we’ve still progressed a significant amount of these initiatives with 21/27 either COMPLETED (7) or IN PROGRESS (14). There are only six that are NOT COMPLETED (not started).
  • Our Gender Equity Plan was developed, launched and implementation has began already seeing a number of wins in a short amount of time. This project, led by Karen Little will have a huge impact on the rapid growth in our participation of women and girls in a number of areas.
  • We secured further support for our Netball program with new sponsors, new uniforms and new teams under the guidance of Tessa Evans, with four teams in 2021 with a greater connection to the club than ever before.
  • We saw a successful introduction of a cash-less system across the club including bar, canteen, merchandise operations, a mammoth task led by Kat McMahon that will set us up for greater revenue raising opportunities in the future.
  • The retention of sponsors and expansion of our Community Partners program led by Wayne Preston and Samantha Dunkinson has continued to provide important connections to the wider community and important financial support.
  • Important conversations have continued with local and state government representatives around the development of our facilities at Tormore Reserve. This advocacy has outlined that the club’s rapid growth means that the facilities we use are no longer fit for our club’s needs. Thank you to Wayne Preston, Greg Hannon and others for their extraordinary work in this space.

We’re so fortunate to have such motivated, skilled and knowledgeable people on our Board who are passionate about the club and it’s future.

To Woody and Flash, we’re so fortunate to have your strength leading our junior and senior sections of the club you do an incredible job driving us forward, leaving no stone unturned to improve the way we do things.

To Wayne and Kat your contributions to the Board in your first year were phenomenal, you’ve added such great skills and insights to the club and I can’t wait to continue working with you.

To Tanya and Dave, you’ve contributed so much in your time on the board and this year has been no different, and we head into your final year on the Board I look forward to working with you both to successful transition out of your roles and support new people transition in, over the next 12 months.

Finally, to Karen Little and Ash Johnston, who will be departing the Board after three years as Director of Community & Inclusion and one year as Director of Strategic Projects. Fundamentally the work you’ve done behind the scenes is changing the way the club is viewed internally and externally, and you’ve championed initiatives that are leading the way in not only our club, but the broader EFNL and community sport landscape. I’ve learnt so much from you both in your time on the Board and look forward to continuing to seek your guidance in the future. Our club has changed so much even over the past four years since becoming One Club, and you’ve both played a critical role in supporting this process of change. Thank you for everything and I’m so pleased, and we are so fortunate, you’ll still be active members of the Boronia community going forward.

If 2021 was our transition out of COVID, I’m so excited for what 2022 will hold for us all. We are a part of something very special at Boronia, and I definitely do not take that for granted. We are custodians of club and are working hard to celebrate our great history, drive the standards to make sure we are successful in our day-to-day operations, and think strategically and innovatively so we can prepare to leave our club in a better place for the next generation to don the brown and gold. GO HAWKA.

Scott Nicholas

Chair Person, Boronia Hawks Football Netball Club Inc.