Smoke Free Policy

Reviewed and updated by the Boronia Hawks Football Netball Club Board in February 2020.


The Boronia Hawks Football Netball Club Inc (BHFNC) recognises that passive smoking (inhaling second hand smoke) is hazardous to health and that non-smokers have the right to be protected from exposure to tobacco smoke.

Passive smoking has serious health implications including heart disease, lung cancer, bronchitis and pneumonia.  There is no level of exposure to second hand smoke that is risk free.

Accordingly, BHFNC has adopted a Smoke Free Policy in order to create a healthy, safe and family friendly environment.  The move to be a Smoke Free Club will help to support a positive image for the Club and will also be advantageous in attracting new members.

Legal Responsibilities

Under common law, BHFNC has a legal duty of care to ensure that all players, officials, volunteers and club visitors are not exposed to potentially harmful situations when attending club facilities, functions, meetings and activities undertaken by the Club.

The Work Health and Safety Act (WHS, March 2016) stipulates that working volunteers must have a safe environment to work in.

In addition, the Victorian Smoke Free dining legislation states that enclosed dining areas must be completely smoke free.

Who is affected by the Policy?

This policy applies to all players, members, administrators, officials, volunteers and visitors of the Club.


This policy was accepted with ‘nil’ objections at the Club Committee Meeting on 25 January 2017 and became effective immediately.

Designated Smoke Free Areas

BHFNC has stipulated the following areas remain Smoke Free at all times:

  • Club social rooms.
  • Administration and office areas.
  • Changing rooms.
  • Toilet blocks.
  • Indoor spectator viewing areas.
  • Playing areas.
  • Dining / Canteen areas.
  • Children’s playground.
  • Near entries and exits of buildings, facilities, and the ground.
  • Cigarette butt bins will be provided at outdoor locations for smokers to dispose of cigarette butts before entering/ re-entering smoke free areas at club facilities.

Designated Smoking Areas

The designated smoking areas are as follows:

  • As per EFL smoking policy 10 metres from playing area and all areas as per above.
  • All ashtrays will be removed from all club facilities.

Sale of Tobacco Products

The Boronia Football Hawks Football Netball Club will not sell any tobacco products.

Players, Officials & Coaches

BHFNC recognises the importance that role modelling can have upon members of the club.  Hence coaches, players, trainers, volunteers and officials should refrain from smoking and remain smoke free while involved in an official capacity for the club, on and off the field.

Promotion of the Policy

Promoting the Smoke Free Policy will be a major factor in its successful implementation. The following mediums will be used as methods of communication:

  • Signage such as “no smoking” signs around the ground and in the function rooms.
  • Displaying the policy in the Club rooms.
  • Advertising via the Club website, Facebook page and Team App.
  • Club correspondence such as newsletters and emails.
  • Distribution of policy to players, members, supporters and families.

Non-Compliance Strategy

The following three step non-compliance strategy will be followed if any person is found to be in breach of the Club’s Smoke Free policy:

  1. Make an initial assumption that the person is unaware of the Smoke Free policy.
  2. A Club representative will approach the person breaching the policy and politely explain the Club policy, including identification of the areas in which smoking is permitted.
  3. Continued non-compliance of the policy should be handled by at least two committee members who will use their discretion as to the action taken, which may include leaving the Club’s facilities or function.

Policy Review

To ensure this policy remains current and relevant to club operations and reflects community expectations, it will be reviewed annually.  Any alterations or amendments will be taken to the next Board meeting for approval.

Signed: Scott Nicholas

Position: CHAIRMAN
Date: 9 February 2020
The next policy review date will be February 2021.