Gallerie Online

Gallerie was established in 2010 to fill a market void in providing affordable interior design services for new home builders. Gallerie is a purpose-built selection studio hosted by qualified Interior designers with market leading product & service lines available for your new home selection. It boasts state of the art design, smart home concepts, energy efficiency solutions and a vast array of internal and external finishes. At Gallerie, our objective is to work with the home owner in making their selections enjoyable, time efficient and inspiring.
An appointment at Gallerie provides an opportunity for you to personalise your home through the skilful selection of all of your fittings, fixtures and finishes. Appointments are conducted with the assistance of your own qualified Interior Designer who will share their expertise and industry knowledge to help you make each decision with confidence, bringing your dream home a step closer to reality.
Upon completion of your appointment all of your decisions are documented into a detailed specification for your builder to easily interpret for the build. We also provide samples, photos and product brochures for you to share with your friends and family.
Is your builder a Gallerie builder?